Arjun Munda wants Jharkhand to develop under Modi Government

Ranchi, 28 May-2014, TNN: Former chief minister Arjun Munda on Tuesday said Narendra Modi government “is serious about development” and Jharkhand would benefit from his policies.

Arjun Munda wants Jharkhand to develop under Modi Government

Arjun Munda wants Jharkhand to develop under Modi Government

Munda, who is the leader of the opposition, said for the past 10 years, the Centre did little for the state’s development.

“The new government is serious about developing the country. Jharkhand is also in the focus area of the government,” Munda said at a press meet at his house on Tuesday evening. Munda was among the state leaders who attended along with a galaxy of leaders from the state had been to Delhi to attend Modi’s coronation.

“Modiji is a decisive leader and has visions for India’s development. He has in fact laid out a road map for India’s development by inviting Saarc leaders for his swearing-in ceremony,” said Munda.

Munda expressed happiness that one tribal leader from Jharkhand has been inducted in Modi cabinet. “I feel that Jharkhand features in development plans of the new government,” said Munda.

Asked if he thinks Jharkhand should have got better representation in Modi cabinet, Munda said: “It is the initial phase of the government. It would be too early to make a comment. Let us see what happens.”

BJP has done exceptionally well in Lok Sabha elections in Jharkhand wining 12 of 14 seats. It’s leaders had expected to get more than one place in the cabinet.

Munda, who has been pressing for the special state status for Jharkhand with the Center, however did not specify whether he would put up a similar demand with Modi.

Jharkhand BJP has been demanding increasing the number of seats in Jharkhand Assembly. It has been pursuing the matter with Center for long as it believes only increasing the number of seats will give a crisis free government.

No political party has managed to get a majority in the government in the last 13 years (since Jharkhand was formed in 2000).

“Let the government work. It is not good to put up all our problems as soon as the cabinet is formed,” said Munda when asked if he would pursue the demand with Center.