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10 Unique Villages In India! 90 Percent Of People Don’t Even Know About Them!

India has many villages but hardly anyone of us might be knowing all of them. When we talk about villages, we have a notion that they are under-developed and people there are orthodox. However, there are certain villages in India that change our mindset completely. India has many unique villages and it’s surprising to see how some of them have surpassed urban areas too. Have a look at the list of 10 incredible ones;

Pothanikkad: The Literate village!


When we hear the term “Village”, the first thing that comes to our mind is illiteracy. However, this village is proving the notion wrong. It has 17,563 residents and surprisingly all of them are literates. It wouldn’t be wrong to term the village as “Literacy village”.

Chappar: A woman-friendly village


These days, we hear of many female infanticide cases. But there’s one village Chappar that celebrates the birth of girls. As soon as girl child takes birth there, sweets are distributed and there’s happiness all around. Moreover, the village doesn’t follow the Ghungat system.

Shetphal: The village where snakes are given equal importance as humans


Can you imagine a village where houses are designed not only according to people but also according to snakes? Well, in these houses, there are spaces built for snakes too. Yes, whenever they feel like coming and resting, they can easily come. One surprising thing is that no snakebite has been reported so far.

Dhokda: The white revolution village


Dhokda is famous for its white revolution. Here, you can’t “Buy” dairy products, instead, you’ll get them for “Free”. Yes, the villagers give away free dairy products to people who don’t rear buffaloes and cows. There’s a history behind this; 500 years ago, Pir Saiyadna settled down in this village and he said that for ensuring happiness and peace, milk shouldn’t be “Sold”.

Kodinhi: The Twin Village


Oh My God! You will be surprised to see the number of twins born here. No wonder the village is named “Twin Village”; here, 50 out of 1000 mothers give birth to twins. You will hardly find this trend anywhere else.

Dharnai: The Solar Village


This is the 1st village in India to be powered (100 percent) by solar electricity. Yes, no other village is fully solar powered. Around 2,400 residents are enjoying the benefits of this. They have developed their own solar power system.

Punsari: The modern village


In this village, you will find all the urban facilities. Be it accidental insurance, primary schools, CCTV cameras, Wi-Fi connections and TVs, you will find each and everything.

Kokrebellur: The village that loves birds


This village has surprised us with its love for birds. According to them, birds are a sign of prosperity and good luck. In this village, you will find a separate area for birds; it has become very famous and even tourists visit here.

Hiware Bazar: The Millionaire village


This is a village in Ahmednagar and here, you will find around 60 millionaires. No, they are not born millionaires. They had to struggle a lot with drought issues or crop failures, but now they have learnt to fight these challenges. Thanks to Popatrao Pawar (Sarpanch) who banned addictive substances and encouraged them to invest in cattle farming and rainwater harvesting.

Shani Shingnapur: The doorless village


This village is 156 years old. Many things have changed, one thing remains constant. There are no doors in the village; be it resorts, guest houses, police stations or other places, you won’t find any doors. Instead, just curtains are used. One more surprising thing is that there are no rape or theft cases recorded in this village.

Do you know of any other village like this?

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