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Sony ready to sell PSP4 in China

Washington, 27 May-2014, ANI: Sony has reportedly revealed plans to sell Playstation 4 Console in China.

Sony ready to sell PSP4 in China

Sony ready to sell PSP4 in China


However, the company would not be the only one to sell its next-generation gaming console in China. Microsoft had earlier disclosed information of selling its Xbox One in China as well.

According to Cnet, the launch announcement shares a similar modus operandi, a joint venture partnership with a local company to distribute the console, as well as management of the online services and software retail.

Reports have revealed that Sony’s joint-venture company is the Shanghai Oriental Pearl Group, a subsidiary of the Shanghai Media Group , which also owns BesTV, Microsoft’s partner in China.

Microsoft has estimated that due to its large number of gaming population in China, the revenue would be worth 13 billion dollars and Sony is set to grab the opportunity to establish itself in the country.

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