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GNU appeals for governing council, threats to avoid Lok Sabha Election

GNU appeals for governing council, threats to avoid Lok Sabha Election

GNU appeals for governing council, threats to avoid Lok Sabha Election

Tura, Feb 27, Jasmine Ahmed: Garos living in Goalpara districts and Assam’s Kamrup have stepped up their appeal for a governing council. The Garo National Union has threatened to avoid the Lok Sabha Election if the appeal is not met. The Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India (ICFAI) Meghalaya University, Milton Sangma, who is also a Garo advocate, said that we will deliver a warning to the Assam Government to address our appeal in a limited time frame. If they break down to adhere, we will harbor to disturbance. Milton Sangma said that the Garos in Assam perceive cheated as Tarun Gogoi Chief Minister had break down to place his word. “Chief Minister Gogoi had guaranteed us that the Garos earn a council and now the Government is aiming a Garo progress association. We will never take this. Garo groups in the two districts of Assam have been equity a list of meetings to stain out their future course of activity. They have desire and congregation with Gogoi and are remaining for an assignment. ICFAI Meghalaya University Milton Sangma said that the appeal for a divided council for the Garos is a long-felt want of the people. All he amount, we will stick to our appeal. If Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi break down to give us an affirmation, we will avoid the Lok Sabha Election Goalpara and in Kamrup. The Garo National Union is appealing the formation of a divided council by with the Garo-command villages, including around 390, of Goalpara and Kamrup districts. Milton Sangma also said Garos are socially and economically destitute of Government profit. It is high time the government considers our appeal seriously and also adding that the appeal for a council was constructed in 2004, a year after the Garos were bestow ST condition. In Meghalaya, militant outfits are appealing establishment of a divided motherland for the Garos that admitted the Garo-command field of Assam. Assam-established Garo organizations are, yet, opposed to this idea. Milton Sangma also told that a Garo self-governing council is the want as the imposts; culture and character of the association have to be covered.

The Union has established its appeal on the assertion that the community, against being a major endemic group of the State, has been treated unevenly correlated to groups such as TiSonowal Kachari, Rabha Hasong, Deori and Thengal Kachari who have their own governing councils.


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