BJP and its “Rail Roko” plan: Patna

Patna, February 28, Rimo Bose: Past Friday a rail barricade was called upon by the BJP that ended up unsettling the train services in the area. This rebel was called in demand of gaining the state’s separate privileges.

BJP and its “Rail Roko” plan

BJP and its “Rail Roko” plan

Sushil Kumar Modi the Ex deputy CM and the opposition leader Nanad Kishore Yadav at the State assembly then Mangal Pandey the president of state party and many other laborers of the party were kept back while they tried to muddle up the rail, has been said by the police.

In the retraction of the special status by the UPA government led by Congress, the BJP solicited on Thursday to avoid train lines on Friday.

It is being quoted by the Official of railway “more than 2 dozens were adjourned by the BJP labourers. People were left in God becheaded position.” Even in this Rajdhani Express is also disturbed then trains for Darbhanga, Gaya, Patna Nalenda and many other rail lines were mantled.

Although the Party’s Prime Ministrial leader  Modi has beforehand assured to provide special privilege to the state to develop it.

The police has mentioned that they have hundred of labourers under their control those who tried detaining and disturbing the railways.

Nitish Kumar the CM of Bihar has called upon closure of state on the 2nd march to voice his protest against the dissapproval of the Center led government.