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Vigilant Minister, Violent auto driver

Kolkata, January 27, Rimo Bose:  Previously an auto driver smashed a girl’s forehead with a rod and before that auto drivera lady was punched over a squabble of fare. This time the auto puller went bit too far and grappled a lady by her throat in the New Alipore area.

The transport minister has finally advanced a talk with the Commissioner of Police and has sent strict message to the INNTUC to call upon an assemblage with the auto pullers. The Minister has given his words, “The auto pullers invariably making it imperative for us to administer, and they themselves are behaving in an ill mannered way which cannot be accepted.”

Solanki Sengupta, who is in her mid 20’s, took a ride that priced rupees 6 but when she gave the auto driver a 50 rupees note because of the unavailability of change led to the driver throttle her. The victim’s FIR led to the arrest of Bapi Singh, the auto driver aged 32.

The traffic maintaining police has been quoted “there is a dispute regarding the payment of 50 rupees where the cost is 6. Nonetheless, the drivers should assail the customers.”

The commuters have been quoted saying “The police should be allowed to take stern decisions to curb as incidents. But the auto drivers know it that they would be provided support from the union.”

The transport minister has promised to probe the matter of the driver’s unacceptable behavior with the customers. And promised to examine how the driver who did run over Ashutosh Sengupta is at large with a bail.

[Source: http://epaper.telegraphindia.com/details/58646-155541390.html]

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