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10 Weirdest Cars Of The World That Every Car Lover Should See

Cars have always fascinated people as they are not just associated with speed but also provide comfortable travelling. In today’s world, cars have also become a status symbol and the costlier the car, the bigger the status of the person.

The car companies are constantly working on their products and trying to improve the driving experience along with other aspects including the design of their cars. In this article, we are going to show you 10 cars which have the weirdest designs and you will be shocked to know that people actually drove them:

1) Brooke Swan Car:


Swan is a beautiful bird so it’s quite obvious that the car made on its design will also be pretty! The cost of 1910 Brooke Swan car was three times more than Rolls Royce and the beak of the bird was used to throw boiling water on the road to clear it. The car had gold accent and designer work with Indian silk plus brushes to keep the wheels clean.

2) Double Car:


You must have seen the double decker bus but have you seen the double car? A car is kept upside down on a car which makes the design not only exciting but also scary for the person who sits in the upside car.

3) Telephone car:


The design is so unique that it may appear cool to several people while for some, it may be the weirdest.

4) Mini Outspan Orange:


This car is like a big orange and even though it is not a high speed car, it’s a cute one indeed!

5) Shoe car:


This car is designed by Mr. K Sudhakar who also holds the record in Guinness World Record Book for making the largest tricycle in the world.

6) Oeuf Electrique:


If the name of this 1942 model car is translated to English, it will come to “Electric Egg” which completely suits it as far as the shape is concerned. Paul Arzens from Paris designed this car and before that, he used to design trains.

7) Peel P50:


The title of the smallest car is held by this car in Guinness Book of World Records for more than 50 years now. This one-seater three wheeled car was manufactured from 1962 to 1965.

8) ‘Siamese twins’ Mini:


This car was designed by Frank Jessop and Neville Holmes of Collingham, Nottinghamshire. What makes it strange is that it is difficult to understand in the first place as to which the front side is and which the rear one is. It gives an impression that two minis kept in reverse position are welded together.

9) Dodge Deora:


This vehicle was designed as a pickup by the Alexander brothers from Detroit and what makes it different from other vehicles was the fact that its front end appears to be the rear end.

10) The Pyramid Electric Car:


Seems to come straight from Egypt, this car is also called the Dream Car 123. It was designed by Greg Zanis and could be charged in just 3.5 hours.

Do you know about more such weird cars? Add to the list in the comments section below.

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