Manny Machado Understands Why Fans Don’t Come To Games: Baseball Is ‘A Little Boring’

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

When it comes to enduring a Major League Baseball game – Manny Machado much prefers his position on the field as opposed to being in the stands.

Earlier this week, Machado was on hand in Miami for the all-star game as a spectator for the first time in three years and while he had fun cheering on teammate  Jonathan Schoop and several other friends around the league, he he found the game a touch mundane.

“Yeah, it’s a little boring to watch it,” Machado said, according to Roch Kubatko of MASN. “I don’t know how people go out there and watch games. Now I know why sometimes people don’t come to games.”

Machado is just the latest MLB player to take a shot at the sport he plays as Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper echoed those same sentiments last year he believes baseball is a “tired sport” because players can’t express themselves.