We turned ourselves into ‘Game of Thrones’ characters because we were so excited for season 7

Sorry not sorry.

Game of Thrones is back and in honor of the occasion we have decided to pledge our allegiances to the great houses of Westeros.

(We used this fun little character creator one of us found on a children’s game website. Not important.)

There might be some spoilers ahead. To be safe, if you aren’t caught up through Season 6, you may not want to keep reading.

Without further ado, we present the newest characters in GoT.

Mollya Stark is the forgotten Stark cousin who is definitely going to come back in Season 7 and help Sansa and Jon rule the North. Will she and Sansa later unite in a girl power duo to wrest power away from the men? Maybe. Also, her direwolf’s name is Roxy.

My name is Kofberyn of House Martell, First of my name. They call me the Cheetah because I’m so quick with the sword. When I’m not fighting you can catch me drinking wine … when I am fighting you can also catch me drinking wine.

Hello, I am Whitnarys, one of the wildlings, if you will. I carry my sword and a bottle of ale with me at all times because I am afraid of no one. In the words of Russell Westbrook, “Don’t do they, do you.”

This is Tyler Stark, the REAL King in the North, and his direwolf, Hennessy. He’d never leave a battle half-finished.

Finally, we have Alex, of House Kirshner, who chose not to join any of the existing houses. He also chose not to wear any clothing, “because even the Westerosi get hot in the summers.”