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Mobile apps to make your Pizza party a splendid one



Have a Pizza Party to Plan? Want to Make It Memorable?

Then These 5 Apps are For You!

We all love parties! In our hectic daily schedule, parties can help us destress and lighten up. They take our mind off worries, clear our mind and let us have a great time. What is even more fun is not attending a part, but rather throwing one!

Playing the guest can be fun. But playing the host is an entirely unique experience. As a host, you are the one who calls the shots!

But as a host, there are a lot of things you must keep in mind, and sometimes it can become an arduous task. If not executed correctly, the party will fall flat. You need to keep in mind the right kind of music, the right location, the perfect food, the best date, and lot more other aspects. Do it correctly, and you can throw a memorable party sure to be spoken about for days to come.

So, do you have a birthday coming up? A promotion? Any reason to celebrate? Because we are here with an amazing list of apps to help you out and make your part a smashing scene!

There are 5 things to keep in mind while throwing a party. Those are, sending invitations, ordering pizza, drinks, music, and transportation. Luckily, the apps mentioned above will help you with this task! So, let us get started!

Sending Invitations to Guests!

What is the most important things in a part? The food? The music? No, of course not. It is the people! How can you have a party if no one is called? The first step to throwing a bona fide rocking party is calling people. This can be your friends from work, school, your college or university. You can send an invite to your family members as well as your relatives. And depending on how big you want your party to be, you can even allow people to bring a plus one along with them as well!

There are lots of ways you can invite people. The easiest two are:

  • Inviting people through Facebook
  • Sending invited over WhatsApp

Through a Facebook Event

C:\Users\Kaya\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\aid42053-v4-900px-Throw-a-Party-Step-4.jpg Inviting people over Facebook is a very simple and straight forward task. The host will first have to log into Facebook using his log in credentials. After this he will need to create an event. After creating an event, he must decide if he wants to make this party of his to be a public event or a private party. If he wants to throw a grand free – for – all party then he can choose to make it a public event.

But if he wants to make it a private party, he can send personalized invites to the party with the time, date and location disclosed. The invitees can then revert back with their reply of whether they are coming, will not be able to make it, or if they are undecided at the moment.

Through WhatsApp Groups or Broadcasts

Users can also choose to send their invitations through the mobile app WhatsApp. There are two ways the host can use WhatsApp to send his invites. The first method is that he can type out a message with the party invite, the relevant details and other information and broadcast it to all the people he wishes to invite.

Another way that a person can make use of WhatsApp is to create a group. This is a simpler option in our opinion because you can add whoever you want to the group and everyone can coordinate in one place. Moreover, you do not individually need to answer questions about the part, or message about changes- typing it out once only is enough when part of a group.

  1. Ordering Pizza!

What is the one food item that people absolutely LOVE to eat? Pizza of course!

Pizzas are the answer to the question “What do you do when you want mouth savoury food, but don’t want to spend so much?”.

Order some really scrumptious pizzas and your guests will thank you for it!

This is a must have to make your party a splendid event. There are a lot of different options when it comes to Pizzas as well. You can have Veg as well as Non – Veg pizzas at your event, prepared in a variety of assorted styles!

You can have the New Yorker style, the Neapolitan, the Sicilian, Deep Dish, Barbeque, The Philly Style or even the classic Margarita!

There are plenty of ways to order a pizza as well. They are:

  • Order via phone– this is the most conventional way where the host will pick up the phone and place his order for the pizzas. This may take a while to arrive and you can’t track your order in this method.
  • Order via takeaway– another old method, the host will go to the pizza place and order the pizzas, after which they will need to carry the order back themselves. This can lead to a risk of the pizzas getting cold on the way.
  • Using Apps– This, in our opinion is the smartest and best way to place and order for your pizzas. Using an app can give you a variety of benefits as well, such as the ability to order just through a click of a button, the facility to track your order, and most importantly, the amazing lucrative benefits you get with it like offers, coupons, discounts and deals! Some apps you can use for ordering pizza online are the mobile apps from Dominos and Pizza Hut.

These apps give users incredible deals which make ordering pizzas all the more splendid! For instance, users can make use of Pizza Hut and Dominos coupons which will give them discount rates such as 10 per cent off on their first order, a coupon which can give new customers a buy 2 get 1 free deal, and many such different offers.

All of these are benefits of ordering pizzas through their apps, and hence is our recommendation. And what is more? These apps are completely free, and would even give you a bonus up on referral and installation as well!

  1. Drinks on the house!

“Beer me up, Scotty!”

C:\Users\Kaya\Desktop\artworks-000046326225-73hrxg-t500x500.jpg Moving on with the list, is this other must – have!

If there is one thing that people may enjoy more than pizza, it’s a drink! Drinks at a party are what brings the spark to a party. They are what is turns shy introverts in to the life of the event!

And there is nothing more satisfying than knowing that the drinks are on the house, isn’t it?

But this can become a challenging task, especially if you are not very well versed in drinks, mixes, spirits and cocktails. However, worry not! We have the perfect solution. The app Speakeasy Cocktails is the answer to all your perplexations and confusion. Use this app and it will guide you on how to mix as well as create your own drinks- all on your own!

Cocktail enthusiasts and aspiring bartenders, this app will be your new best friend! And this is because Speakeasy Cocktails offers their users invaluable tips, tricks and insight on how to select the correct spirits to make your own homemade creation as well as invaluable information on how to make the classics that have stood the test of time! It also features expert photos of drinks as you are preparing them as well as some really handy tutorial videos that depict step by step how to go about it correctly.

C:\Users\Kaya\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\mzl.fhkxhcbk.png So, get this app and you will not need to hire a bartender. You yourself could be the bartender!

This app is available exclusively on the app store and iTunes as of now, but will make the jump to the android Google Play Store soon as well. It is valued at just a meagre $9.99 only and is well worth the money. Don’t wait, just download it today!

M for Music, M for Mood!

“Till the music is gone, let’s party on!”

C:\Users\Kaya\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\cb759305720b8f386c8d793c1d4bc1bf.jpg Those are the words to live by, aren’t they? We’ll, we’ve got the booze and the food and now only one thing remains- the mood! Another very integral part of a party is the music. Music is something that often goes unnoticed in the background, masked by conversations, chatter and the general hustle and bustle of the party.

And that is why it is so important! It gives a background score for the party, without which the event would seem deafeningly silent! But selecting from all the possible genres can be a task. You need to know your audience, their age, their preferences and much more, and then accordingly select.

To make this task easier, we have found the perfect apps to help you!

C:\Users\Kaya\Desktop\soundcloud_logo-550.png Apps such as Soundcloud, Mixlr and Party Mixer all make it really easy for you to search, find, create your very own playlist and light up your party! These make DJ–ing incredibly easy and can make you the life of your event.

C:\Users\Kaya\Desktop\BvkSQyEIEAAtYxE.png There are a lot of genres of music that you can select from to play at your party. And we do not need to stress the importance of selecting the right kind. The right music, the right mood, the right feeling can make or break a party!

C:\Users\Kaya\Desktop\unnamed.png You as the host can select from an assortment of genres such as the old school rock and roll jams, classical music, jazz, blues, or even the modern faces of music now such as hip – hop, pop, EDM or rap from these apps.

The best part is that these apps are all free and do not require a single penny. Get these and set the perfect mood for your party! Make your party a bash to remember!


C:\Users\Kaya\Desktop\Taxi[1].jpg Coming to the end of this list, this is a crucial aspect to keep in mind! Transportation to – and – fro from the party has a number of benefits, for both; you the host as well as your guests. For starters, guests will find it highly convenient is you arrange a medium for them to arrive at the party, as well as a way from them to go back. Keep in mind, that most of them, if not all, might be a little intoxicated (from the incredible cocktails you will be able to prepare thanks to the Speakeasy Cocktails app mentioned above!) And hence it will not be safe for them to drive back home under those conditions. You guests will be thankful for this gesture on your part.

And secondly, it will be beneficial for you, because it gives a sense of an authenticity to your party. A taxi service made to pick up your guests has a touch of sophistication to it, and feel of classiness and the allure of it being a great party! Such a gesture just makes your guests marvel at your hospitality.

And to help make this happen are these wonderful apps:

C:\Users\Kaya\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\405388-meru-twitter.jpeg The best part about these apps is how helpful they are! These have their own mobile phone apps that can be directly downloaded from the play store, which means that the entire arduous hassle of hailing a cab in the middle of the night is eliminated.

C:\Users\Kaya\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\New-Logo-Vertical-Dark.jpg Moreover, these apps have their very own deals, coupon codes, promos and offers which make it increasingly beneficial financially to you as well! Riders can redeem amazing discount rates, cash back offers, and other such initiatives which make it very cost effective to utilize their facilities!

C:\Users\Kaya\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\925642545s.jpg And speaking of facilities, cabs from these companies are fully equipped for leisure and ease. Which means, A / C cabs, comfortable seating, spacious leg room and many more things!

C:\Users\Kaya\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\logo_alpha.png Lastly, you can pre – book these cabs as well, which once again completely eliminates the trouble you would normally take to hunt down a cab at night, when you are tired after a long energetic party! Arrange for transport using these apps and make a good impression on your guests!

C:\Users\Kaya\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\canva-orange-pizza-party-flyer-MACMd5f9pzk.jpg And that brings us to the end of the list. These were the 5 absolutely must – have apps that are essential if you want to throw a smashing party! These will take care of everything from getting a person pick up from their house at a designated time, the drinks that you would need for the event, the mouth – watering food that you can order for your guests and the best of music that will help you set the most amazing of moods! Download these apps and they will ensure that you throw a party that people will talk about for weeks to come!

But these are not all the apps you need to make your party a hit. Here are a few more apps which can lead a helping hand to make your bashing a breath – taking one! They are:

  • Punch Bowl- An app that lets you design your very own customisable invitation card to send to your friends and family! Get this app and customize the font, the colour, the text size and even add, edit, crop or remove pictures. Get this app and make your guests and invite they cannot refuse!
  • Gaana- For an event that you want to light up with music and festivity, this app is your pal! From Sufi and Ghazal music to hip – swinging Bollywood hits, you will find everything here!
  • Sing! By Smule Karaoke- One thing that everyone enjoys at a party is Karaoke! This app gives you the background track of the song and displays the lyrics on the screen for people to sing along to. Get this app, because showing affection isn’t the only things alcohol makes you do!
  • Yummly- We saw earlier on the list a few apps to order pizzas from. But what if you do not want to order pizza? What if you want to make your own dishes? Then this app is for you! This gives people amazing recipes to make your own creations and surprise your guests. This will surely heap praise on you!
  • Pro Party Planner- This is a slightly different app, from the others on this list. But it may just as well be the most important. And that is because this app lets you organize you party in a systematic and organized manner. From keeping track of activities, setting reminders, to giving you a time – line, this app will making planning an event as large as a party a very simple and easy task.
  • Heads Up- This is another very incredible game app that can help liven up a party and make people meet each other. This app features a game we have all played as kids- dumb charades!

C:\Users\Kaya\Desktop\pizza-party.jpg So, these are some other apps that can help make your party a memorable experience for you as well as your esteemed guests! Get these and create a scene to remember!

After all, who said playing host is difficult?

“If life is giving you lemons, make lemonade… Throw a bit of vodka in it and have a party!”

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