A New Featured Moto X is Going to Come India in Few Weeks

Technology, Feb 27, Arshiya Khatoon: A great news from Motorola as it is bringing Moto X to India coming few weeks. As this is only available in US, it is said that it will be rolled out in Mexico and Western Europe in the second quarter of this year 2014. There is no doubt that this fabulous tool will be launched in India very soon.

A New Featured Moto X is Going to Come India in Few Weeks

Moto X

This time Moto X is ready to run on all Android. It is designed in such a way that it fits in your hand without any inconvenience. Moto X special feature is without touching, it responds easily to your voice. To make it as your camera, twist your wrist twice. Where ever you go it allows Google TM to come with you.

As it is one of the world’s most famous platform it is getting better and better every time. Moto X gives you access on Google Play to more than 1 million games and apps. Your required information easily appears on the screen without any interruption as there is even no problem with the battery.

Moto X has introduced much better way of getting notifications which provides you updates with ease at a glance discreetly on your screen. Because of this you don’t have to check your phone regularly.

You can ask it any thing and it will respond to your voice without touching. Moto X has come up with so much extra stuff that it’ll be difficult to live without it.

Now AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon customers can get their Moto X through Moto Maker. Black and white available.