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Concrete Block Retaining Walls Vs Segmental Retaining Walls

A retaining wall is a structure that holds back any material and prevents it from sliding or eroding away. The wall is designed in such a way as to resist the pressure of the material that is being held back. Retaining walls are often used in gardens and homes, to hold the soil back and create a slightly raised level. Retaining walls can be made of a number of materials, including brick and concrete. These retaining walls can be split into multiple types, based on their structure and material. Gravity retaining walls use their huge weight to retain the material and achieve stability. Reinforced retaining walls, on the other hand, are stable is provided by the weight of the wall and the reinforcement bars in the wall.

Segmental wall blocks are made of a high density concrete. This is stronger than regular concrete, and can withstand greater amounts of pressure.
Another problem with concrete is the inability to retain water. A concrete retaining wall will tend to be damp, because of the constant contact with wet soil. Therefore, when the temperature drops to below freezing, the strength of the wall becomes compromised. Though it may take a few years to see a change in the wall, the wall will eventually begin to show cracks because of the weather changes. One benefit to segmental walls is that they are resistant to water. The walls will not absorb water, making them useful to have in places with extreme weather conditions.
Segmental retaining walls re cheaper to install, and don’t require extensive digging to create space for the wall. You do not require large holes to create footing like poured concrete or mortared bricks, making them easier to install than other walls. Because you do not require mortar, you do not require a professional to install this kind of wall, and can be done at home. Another benefit is that you have a wide variety of wall designs available to you, and you can install them on a slope, a level, or in a stepped formation – the choice is yours.

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