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Document Management, Content Management and a Single Version of the Truth

Document Management remains a term which can be interpreted in many ways. The term is vague enough to confuse the prospective benefactors from such a technology. To put it in simple ways, document management systems help us to manage the content of an organization. All the businesses regardless of the industry in which they operate, generally have paper intensive operations. It becomes the heart of all the formal communication in the organization, as all such formal documents have to be printed. Documents are used to cater to all the processes and are used at every stage. What basically these documents hold is the content, information, and specifics which is needed for the smooth working of the organization.

The Single version of truth

Efficient storage and retrieval of content in the form documents maintain the productivity of the organization. But physical documents if misplaced could pose a big problem as the content in them would be lost forever. The further process becomes handicapped if the information and content like invoice numbers, product details, contracts with vendors, etc. are misplaced. This has posed to be a big problem for the companies of today.

For this reason, they have to maintain innumerable copies of the important documents. The redundancy of the content and the ever-increasing costs has tempted the companies to shift to Document Management Systems.

In such a chaotic situation, the content and the information coming from different sources distort the information and makes it susceptible to errors and differences. Making the information in documents safely stored and readily available becomes the prime objective of such systems. With features like keyword search, automated classification, and cloud storage, such a system becomes the most secure and efficient way to store files. The DMS has become the single version of the truth and one-stop place for all your files and content.

Security is priority

If you feel sharing confidential documents through e-mails is safe, you are mistaken. Such content can easily be hacked, but a DMS on other hand lets you share or receive the documents within the system. These documents can be sent to people who even are not registered in the software. Different kinds of accesses can be given to employees at different levels. For example, the top managers could have the authorization to edit the documents or propose actions on them, and the other employees’ access could be restricted.

The visible overlap

All the documents, whether applications or accounting reports contain data and content. That is why terms like document management and content management are usually used interchangeably in today’s business organizations. Many companies providing DMS services have started using terms like content management to lure the prospective clients and getting maximum subscriptions.

Usually, companies scan the copies of all the important documents as soon as they receive them. This lets them have a better accessibility to all such content and make faster and better decisions. A business executive might as well look at the data and content on his smartphone, making the content readily accessible and removing the physical boundaries and limitations.