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Optimize Your Landing Pages with These 5 Effective Tips

For any website or online service/product provider, it is absolutely necessary that they maintain their websites as the websites have immense closing power irrespective of the category. The first thing that any visitor notices is the landing page. Hence it goes without saying that an attractive landing page is a must. But this comes at a cost and hence you need to optimize the page rather than maximizing it. For any website, its very important to achieve and maintain a decent click through rate. One way to earn this click through rate is through attractive landing pages. Hence any landing page has dual functions – to achieve the click through rate and to seal any deal. So, to make it easier for everyone out there, we bring to you the 5 most impactful techniques to optimize your landing page and reap benefits –

  1. Be the problem-solver – most consumers visit any website with a specific agenda in mind and are generally looking for answers to one of their questions. Hence, the most important tip is to make sure that your landing page points at how it solves a particular type of problem, in the best possible manner. This can be done through a simple one liner or some graphics. This is one thing you need to think extremely carefully about because this decides whether a consumer will stay on the platform or not. The message needs to be short, self-explanatory and eye-catching to ensure that the visitor’s segment is interested and moves forward on the page.
  2. Add a personal tinge – research has shown that companies which excel in the art of personalisation have been 26% more profitable over a long-term period. Hence personalization is something which makes your effort more worthwhile. This can be achieved by taking the help of analytics and understanding your consumer properly, so that you know what your consumers want. As most pages nowadays cater to a large section of the society and cuts across segments, personalisation can be achieved by using tools like filters, themes etc. This would help each consumer personalise the page for himself and make it more engaging
  3. Mobile-friendly pages – Please remember that most consumers today like to access all the pages on their phone, on the go. In such a case, no matter how attractive or engaging your landing page is on a desktop, if it is not mobile friendly, it would lose a large chunk of consumers. Hence make sure that your landing page fits the varying screen sizes and resolution of devices like smartphones and tablets. This will include curtailing font size and type, graphics and versions to fit any screen type. This will make sure that you don’t lose on to consumers but it will also help you reach out to potential consumers when they know that the website is easy to use on the phone and takes very little time. Some pages provide the option of “view full desktop version” at the bottom as their mobile version has very limited content. This allows the consumer to switch as per his convenience
  4. Keep it short – With the advent of such huge chunks of information online, the patience levels of the consumer is falling. They want to get the information they are seeking, instantly, and without beating around the bush. Hence your landing page needs to fit these requirements. There are certain categories which require more detailed landing pages and clear instructions, while there are other categories which the consumer is sufficiently aware of and just needs some to the point data. In such a case any fluff and long content will irritate the consumer and he would switch out of your page. Hence, you need to know your consumer pretty well to be able to give them exactly the amount of information that they seek.
  5. Let others tell the story – One of the most effective ways of getting higher conversion is to let your satisfied consumers convince the potential consumers through testimonials. Various websites include this section in the landing page to ensure that the consumer is assured of the service/product he is buying. It is always better to use the actual quotes and comments to make it as realistic as possible. Also, you can use success numbers if available.

Hence, these are the 5 super hacks which make sure that you can make your landing page interesting and get higher conversion rates. So get started and hook your consumers to your page!