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Career Opportunities after Doing Splunk certification

In today’s world where the use of computers and IT devices is increasing day by day, there also a humongous amount of data that goes unnoticed. Those closely following the SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud) revolution can clearly feel that SMAC generates huge data, which usually goes waste. Those who deal in data can understand that this seemingly garbage of data contains some crucial information that can give businesses a chance to flourish. Only thing that needs to be done is to process that unstructured data to churn out the meaningful information. Businesses have realized the importance and they are now in search for some tools or someone with the skills to help them make an intelligent use of that data. This need has led to the popularity of Splunk and a career around it.

Splunk is a tool or software that is used to search, analyze and visualize the machine generated data collected from different IT sources like security systems, technology infrastructure etc. which are used in businesses. Using Splunk, one can get valuable insights about the industry or business they are into as well as target customers and act in the right direction to give business the much-needed boost. However, the tool can obtain good results only with the help of someone possessing necessary skills in Splunk. A certified professional with Splunk training is what businesses need nowadays to make a good use of the unstructured data. This has made the Splunk career one of the most popular job options.

The tool makes use of Splunk Search Processing Language, or in short – SPL, to help organizations gather crucial information from huge quantities of machine-generated data. Splunk collects, indexes and processes data regardless of their format and location. It also identifies quick links between events or activities from web servers, logs, cloud servers, custom applications and others. As of now, Splunk owns around 1200 odd apps which are widely used to gather sensible information from different formats of log data and to gain insight into on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments.


With the sudden influx of data and these apps, jobs around Splunk have skyrocketed. Organizations – big or small – are making use of Splunk for their betterment. Between the proliferation of Splunk use in organizations and the race to process unstructured data for business gains, opportunities have really increased for job seekers in big data. Checkout the Complete Guide for Splunk Certification.

After the training and Splunk certification, professionals become ready to take new opportunities coming their way. They can expect a handsome pay slab with a lucrative career in Splunk as:

· System engineer

· Programming analyst

· Software engineer

· Technical service manager

· Security engineer

· Solution architect

Industries like retail trade, IT, finance & insurance, manufacturing, and virtually any domain of technology are committed to Splunk and make an offer that is hard to refuse.

For a Splunk enthusiast, the future calls for immense opportunities. As per the job analysts, this is the right time to get training and certification in Splunk to start a career in any of its three primary spokes – Architect, Administrator and Developer.