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Simple Tricks and Tips to Smart Shop and Save Money

As the proverb goes “A Penny saved is a Penny earned”. True indeed. In case of shoppers, the more you can save, is the more you save for your next purchase. Today, the whole shopping paradigm has shifted to a new genre, and that’s online. There are approximately 3.2 billion people using the Internet every day. Especially in India, there are about 450 million users, accessing the internet every day. About 40% of these people, use the internet for 50-60 minutes in a day, and therefore, India is a large consumer market for e-commerce companies.

Today, hardcore shoppers prefer to buy things online, and those are for obvious reasons. Online shopping gives the flexibility to the user’s hand, while offline shopping brings in a lot of hassles for the buyer. With increasing demand of online shopping, there are many e-commerce stores that has been popping out in India. Now, if you are a buyer, and want to buy a product, it might be available in 3 to 4 top e-commerce stores. Your work would be to choose the best among them, depending on several constraints like discounts, coupons, quality of the product, delivery time and the actual seller of the product, which can be pretty overwhelming for a person who is just starting out on his/her internet shopping experience. In this article, we will discuss about some of the simple trick and tips which would help you to save money while you are shopping online.

  • Make a List-: This is an important thing that every shopper I feel should follow. Sometimes, rather often, it happens that, we go shopping for a belt, and we eventually buy a bag full of clothes. E-commerce stores lures the buyers in to traps by using algorithms from machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, where they come to know about the customers buying pattern. Therefore, whenever you login to the e-commerce store, and search for a belt, they will show you other relevant options, luring you to buy more. An excellent way to avoid these traps set up by the store, is to always carry a list of things that you need to buy, before logging in to the store.
  • Budget-: Budget is another important thing when you need to buy things. There is a simple trick that you need to follow. You can budget ahead of visiting an online store, or you may also have a dedicated monthly budget, which will help you in keeping track of the money. You may also procure some money for shopping also, in that budget list.
  • Discounts and Deals-: Generally, the advantage of shopping online, can be divided in to two broad paths. The first is it gives flexibility to the hands of the user. It generally encompasses the buyer to order from anywhere at any point of time, and the product will be delivered to their delivery address within a week or two, depending on the delivery time mentioned at the website. The second advantage of online shopping is the deals and discounts it provides in every purchase. To avail the best deals and discounts every time you buy a product, do not go to any specific e-commerce website, but rather visit websites like com, which will let you know about the best deals across the internet, making it easy for you to shorten down the list of websites that you want to check. You can sort down the websites by checking their discounts, deals that has been introduced recently. All the e-commerce websites today, accept their money through online transaction companies such as PayTM, which again enables you for more offers and cashbacks, therefore you save more. Moreover, most of the websites nowadays, provides a payment option known as “Interest Free EMI”, which means, that if you buy a product, which is worth greater than 5000 (for most websites), then you are eligible for an EMI, and there will be no interest on the monthly payments.
  • Cash Back Policy-: Websites like com, also enables you for cashback. Cashback is a mechanism, in which, when a buyer buys something from anywhere across the Internet, he or she gets some points for buying that product. That points add up to some money, which can be used to buy your next product. Great, isn’t it?

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