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Close View of 2nd no. Amritsar Lok Sabha Constituency, Punjab

Amritsar, Feb 25, Sandipan Sharma: In this special report of  Lok Sabha Constituency today we will give a brief look on Amritsar Constituency of  Punjab, which is situated in the Northern India.

Close View of 2nd no. Amritsar Lok Sabha Constituency, Punjab


The Amritsar Constituency is consists of  9 Legislative Assembly Constituency (LAC). They are as follows:

1. Ajnala

2. Raja Sansi

3. Majitha

4. Amritsar North

5. Amritsar West

6. Amritsar Central

7. Amritsar East

8. Amristar South

9. Attari

 Amritsar Lok Sabha Constituency

There are total no of 16 MP’s were selected from this Constituency till today and most no of Indian National Congress Candidate.

Session  1951 (Gurmukh Singh Musafir)

In 1951the first edition of  Lok  Sabha election was conducted in  Amritsar Constituency Gurmukh Singh Musafir was elected as the first MP. Gurmukh Singh Musafir was battling Lok Sabha election from this constituency as a candidate of  Indian National Congress (INC). There were total 180439 no of votes valid (50.02% of Total Electors). As a winner Gurmukh Singh Musafir got total 86382 votes. Ajit Singh from Hukam Singh (SAD) was runner up , he got a total no of 54172 votes. The margin of votes was 32210 which was 17.85%  of Total Valid Votes .

Session 1957 (Gurmukh Singh Musafir):

In the 2nd Lok Sabha election session Gurmukh Singh Musafir  were selected as MP of Amritsar Constituency. Date of  polling was 24-02-1957. Gurmukh Singh Musafir  from Indian National Congress(INC) and Krishan Lal  (BJS)  got 113899 and 77533 votes respectively. The valid votes were 259509 (62.65% of Total Electors).

Session 1962 (Gurmukh Singh Musafir):

In the 3rd edition of  Lok Sabha election last time winner Gurmukh Singh Musafir was  again elected as a 3rd MP for the Amritsar Constituency. As a candidate of  Indian National Congress (INC) he got 125033 no of votes and became winner while Narinder Singh from AD was the runner up and he got 110617 votes. Votes margin was 14416, which was 4.58% of total Valid Votes .

Session 1967 (Y.D. Sarma):

This 4th edition of Lok Sabha election Candidate from Indian National Congress (INC) Y.D. Sarma got 104035 votes and become winner . while his rival S.S. Majithia , candidate from INC got 92760 votes. The winning margin was 11275  (3.44% of  total Valid Votes ).There was total 342841  no of elector. From which 342841  no of votes were polled in which 14654 votes was declared as rejected.

Session 1971 (Durga Das Bhatia):

In this session of  Lok Sabha election there was seven no of  total candidate from this  Amritsar  Constituency. There was total 346287  no of elector. From which 346287  no of votes were polled in which 5018  votes was declared as rejected which was 1.45%  of Total Votes Polled. Durga Das Bhatia from Indian National Congress (INC) was elected  as a 5th MP from the Amritsar Constituency. Karnail Singh of (SAD)  got 79236 votes While his rival Durga Das Bhatia got 182177  votes. The margin of votes was 102941 (30.16% of Total Valid Votes ).

Session 1977 (Baldev Parkash):

For the first time of Baldev Parkash was selected as a MP for Amritasar Constituency from BLD. This time from Amritsar Constituency six candidate was battling for election. In this session the battle was between Baldev Parkash (BLD) and Raghunandan Lal (INC). When the final results Baldev Parkash (BLD)  got 238020  votes while Raghunandan Lal (INC ) got 212979  votes. Baldev Parkash won with a margin of 25041  votes ( 5.25% of Total Valid Votes ).

Session 1980 (Raghunandan Lal):

This 7th Lok Sabha election was held on 3rd Jan 1980.There were total 816 no of polling stations. There are total 492736  no of valid votes. Raghunandan Lal who was Indian National Congress  (INC) candidate got 293085  votes and he Baldev Parkash candidate from JNP  who got 181401 votes. Raghunandan Lal won by a margin 111684 (22.67% of Total Valid Votes ).

Session 1985 (Raghunandan Lal):

As a 8th MP of Amritsar Constituency Raghunandan Lal candidate of  INC was elected as a winner . He got a total 249303 votes while his rival Kushpal Singh, candidate of  JNP got 144239  votes. There were total no of 946 polling stations. 906 were the average no of electors per polling stations.

Session 1989 (Kirpal Singh):

In 1989  year Lok Sabha election Kirpal Singh as a 9th MP from Amritsar Constituency was selected. He was representing himself as an independent (IND) candidate .While his main rival was Raghunandan Lal from INC got only 149214 votes while Kirpal Singh managed to get 272427 votes. The votes margin was 123213 (21.27%  of Total Valid Votes ) .

Session 1992 (Raghunandan Lal)

Raghunandan Lal (INC ) was the winner of this session 1992. There were total 4 no of contestant from the constituency. The polling for election was held on 19th Feb 1992. Raghunandan Lal (INC ) got 142896 votes and Baldev Singh Chawala  from INC got 85543. The winning margin of  vote was 57353 (24.27% of Total Valid Votes ).

Session 1996 (Raghunandan Lal)

Raghunandan Lal from INC was the winner of this 11th  edition of Lok Sabha election. As a winner Raghunandan Lal got 268490 votes while his rival Kirpal Singh (JD)  got 234818  votes. In this session there was 20 contestants from this Amritsar Constituency.

Session 1998 (Daya Singh Sodhi)

In this seesion of Lok Sabha election from Amritsar Constituency Daya Singh Sodhi  (BJP)  was the winner and appointed as a 12th MP of this Constituency. As A winner Daya Singh Sodhi got total 361133 votes, while his Raghunandan Lal of INC got 269993 votes.

Session 1999 (Raghunandan Lal)

Raghunandan Lal

In this session Raghunandan Lal candidate of  INC was winner. Raghunandan Lal was elected as a 13th MP from this Constituency  He defeated Daya Singh Sodhi candidate of  BJP . . Raghunandan Lal got 296533 votes while Daya Singh Sodhi got 264534 votes.

Session 2004 (Navjot Singh Sidhu)

For the 14th  Lok Sabha Election Mr. Navjot Singh Sidhu was the winner for Amritsar Constituency. He was a candidate of  BJP , while runner up was Raghunandan Lal .

Session 2009 (Navjot Singh Sidhu)

Navjot Singh Sidhu

Navjot Singh Sidhu (INC ) was the winner of this session 2009. He is current MP of this Amritsar Constituency also. There were total 14  no of contestant from this Amritsar constituency. The polling for election was held on 13th MAY 2009. Navjot Singh Sidhu (INC ) got 392046 votes and Om Parkash Soni from  INC got 385188. The winning margin of vote was 6858.

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