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Benefits of Installing Casement Windows

With an abundance of options to choose from these days and one’s own aesthetics, there is a lot to be said of different types of windows. One of the most popular types is the casement windows. The windows are attached at the hinge and can open all the way outward. These windows were the most common type in UK before the sash windows.

Casement windows come in many variations. The regular ones are hinged at the side, the ones hinged from the top are known as awning windows and the ones hinged at the bottom are known as hoppers. The most attractive quality and reason behind the popularity of these windows is their ability to open up so wide. No other type of windows can open up so wide. The casement windows when opened all the way out provide open space out of which one can lean and enjoy the fresh air or smell of rain.

As compared to casement windows, double-hung windows, no matter which way they are opened, only open halfway and sliding windows, while they enable one to open up a large area, but with one panel typically fixed in place, they only allow a partial opening. There are some types that don’t open at all like plate glass picture windows or those that only open a little installed just for ventilation.

A better breeze can pass through your house if the window can be opened wide, and this is one of the main reasons that people go for casement windows. With other kinds of windows, it is hard to catch such a nice breeze. The glass on the casement windows actually acts as a flap and helps guide and funnel the air through the window into the building.

The wide opening of these windows has been seen by some people as a security risk but that is not true. Casement windows in fact offer very strong security as they are one of the toughest to break in to. Since casement windows come in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes, one can easily find a window to fit into their property. Single-panelled windows can be installed that open all the way or double-panelled ones that fold outward to create a large open space. A small casement window can also be installed to a set of fixed panels to catch some breeze.

If size, open space and ventilation in your home are your top priorities, then casement windows are the best option for you. They also provide temperature control in summer and winters.
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