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Visit 11,000-year-old province under Baltic Sea

London, February 25, Sandipan Sharma: In a glimmering find, a 11,000-year-old settlement has been uncovered under Baltic Sea close Sweden. This is an accumulation of decently protected antiques left by wanderers in the range of 11,000 years back.

11,000-year-old province under Baltic Sea

11,000-year-old province under Baltic Sea

The site was truth be told an a dump in which itinerant Swedes disposed of items, as per a report in The Local. Charged as ‘Sweden’s Atlantis’, the site is covered 52 feet beneath the surface at Hano, a sandy cove off the shoreline of Skane County in Sweden.

The discoveries incorporate wood pieces, stone devices, creature horns, ropes, a spear cutting a product of a creature skeletal substance and an antiquated cows which got terminated in the early 1600s, included the report.

“There’s wood and horns and different executes that were tossed in there,” Bjorn Nilsson, prehistoric studies educator at Sodertorn University in Sweden was cited as saying.


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