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Keep Falling Sick? Time to Buy a Vegetable Purifier

Indilens Health Team: In recent times, there has been a massive shift in farming techniques. Farmers today are using more pesticides to curb infestation of pests in their produce. There has been substantial evidence of how the fruits and vegetable are injected with hormones to influence their growth. By using ahigh-yield variety of seeds, farmers get a bump in the yield, but they also use alarger quantity of pesticides. Use of such extravagant amount of pesticides and chemical is not only worrying for our health but also a discerning concern for the environment.

The journey of fruits and vegetable from the fields to our neighborhood superstoreis poorly managed. Along with pesticides, the poor management results in future degradation of the produce. When the fruits and vegetables end up in your refrigerator, they are full of harmful pesticides, disease-causingbacteria, and other chemicals. Consuming such quality of fruits and vegetables can make you and your family extremely sick.

To curb the contamination, most people wash their produce with water before cooking or eating them. However, people are not aware of the factthatjust washing fruits and vegetables is not enough. It might reduce the risk of extreme food poisoning, but it can still make you sick. Washing alone is not the solution if you are looking to protect yourself from such instances.

For healthy cooking, KENT, a reliableIndian healthcare brand launched its Ozone powered Vegetable and Fruit Purifier. Now, it is the go-to product if you are even slightly concerned about the contamination of fruits, vegetables and meat. A vegetable cleaner is like a vegetable washing machine, which is capable of removing pesticides and killing harmful microorganisms from the outer layer of the product. It does what running water cannot by exposing vegetables, fruits, and meat to ozone dissolved in water.

If you keep falling sick or have a particularly bad stomach due to the food you have been eating, it is time that you should look for a vegetable purifier.

Here’s why buying a vegetable purifier makes sense!

Increase – Antioxidant Value of Fruits and Vegetables

Since the vegetable purifier from KENT works by dissolving ozone into water, it increases the antioxidant value of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Increase – Life of Fruits and Vegetables

The ozone powered vegetablepurifiersterilizes the surface of vegetables and fruits. It keeps the produce fresh and gives them a longer life. The ozone when mixed with water is entirely safe for our health.

Increase – Immunity

By investing in a vegetable purifier, you are giving your family an immunity booster. Abstaining from pesticides, harmful microbes and hazardous chemicals will boost your immunity and decrease the chances of falling sick.

Decrease – The Risk of Cancer

One of the major effects of pesticides ridden fruits and vegetables is their linking with cancer. Several studies have linked pesticides is a leading cause of cancer. When eating food exposed to high quantities of pesticides, we are risking our health which can be life threatening. Using a vegetable and fruit cleaner such as KENT’s Vegetable Cleaner eliminates the risk of such diseases.

Decrease – The Chances of Neurological Imbalance

If you are eating pesticide ridden food, which is also exposed to other chemicals, then you are putting yourself at an elevated risk of developing neurological imbalances. According to research, people who eat food exposed to pesticides on a regular basis have a 70% higher chance of developing life-threatening diseases like Parkinson’s.

Decrease – Birth Defects

The exposure to pesticides often leads to congenital disabilities and altered fetal growth. Pregnant women who eat food exposed to pesticides can develop serious issues while giving birth. Agent Orange has been associated with adverse health and can lead to genetic imbalances.

Since rinsing raw vegetables and fruits is not enough due to thehigh content of contamination, it is highly advised to use a vegetable cleaner. It works with meat products also and is highly recommended for all households. If you keep falling sick, it is imperative to use the said appliance and take hold of your immunity.