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Terrorists openly threatened to kill Narendra Modi

Bangalore, 19 May-2014, Nairita: Days ahead of his swearing-in ceremony, Narendra Modi faced death threat from the banned terror outfit Student Islamic Movement of India (SIMI). Recently, the terror group openly threatened to kill the PM designate.

Terrorists openly threatened to kill Narendra Modi

Terrorists openly threatened to kill Narendra Modi

Changing BJP’s popular tag line — Aabki bar Modi Sarkar (This time, Modi Govt) to Aabki bar Modi Ka Number (This Time, it’s Modi’s turn), members of the terror group spoke aloud in a court in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Raising their anti-Modi slogans, the terrorists chanted, “Ab ki baar Modi ka number”, and “Taliban Zindabad”, on the district court premises when they were produced for a hearing there on May 16. Threat for the PM designate came on a day when the Lok Sabha election 2014 results were declared and it was cleared that BJP-led NDA would form government at the centre. According to Bhopal police and eye-witnesses, 18 jailed SIMI operatives, including its Madhya Pradesh head and terror accused Abu Faisal, raised pro-Taliban and anti-Modi slogans after a hearing on terror-related cases and the Khandwa jailbreak. Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Babulal Gaur was quoted as saying, “It reflects the panic among the accused, who have been allegedly involved in anti-national activities, especially with Modiji ascending to power at the Centre, who has made clear his zero-tolerance policy towards terrorism. Next time we have decided to have hearing within jail premises through video-conferencing.” Meanwhile, Director General of Police, Madhya Pradesh, Nandan Dube said, “Madhya Pradesh has a history of SIMI activity, which is a banned organisation. The moment the group saw media in the court premises, it started shouting slogans to draw national attention. They have been booked for raising inflammatory slogans and we’re looking into the issue from the evidences gathered.”

(Input source: OneIndia)

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