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Perpetuation of BJP Through Partially Divided India and Namo Wave

Guwahati,19 May-2014,Dr Shahnoor Rahman: India is the biggest democratic country in the world. Also being a secular and socialist republic, identification and special care of poor and deprived sections of people who are mostly happens to be belonging to dalit and minority communities by government, is most important to promote social justice to all so that everyone can progress to contribute maximum to development of India. For that reason, department of minority affairs was made as independent ministry of central govt of India in the year 1992. With the objective of taking care of minority communities, Prime minister’s 15 points programmes was launched in year 2006.

Perpetuation of BJP Through Partially Divided India and Namo Wave

Perpetuation of BJP Through Partially Divided India and Namo Wave
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It is essential to mention here that all minority welfare scheme of UPA govt are least productive and benefiting mainly to corrupt politicians and dishonest middle men. Even majorities of funds allocated for them return back to centre unutilized. Any citizen of India who are belonging to any religion other than Hindu are considered as to be belonging to minority community. It can be mentioned here that a Hindu who happens to be belonging to scheduled tribes, scheduled castes and other backward classes has been enjoying reservation in education, promotion in jobs, seats in constituencies etc up to 50% of all available positions. These provisions are being enjoyed by a sections of people for they are born to lower caste/ tribes Hindu families irrespective of their socioeconomic statuses. So it is purely a religion based reservation system where a section of people have been enjoying from generations to generations. So, they have reached even to higher statuses than even higher castes/ tribes of same religion on verge of constitutional laws and provisions through this religion based reservations which is still persistent now.


Perpetuation of BJP Through Partially Divided India and Namo Wave
Image credit: India.com

Muslims, who happens to be belonging to largest groups of minorities of India are most backward socioeconomically who are are neither given any religious based reservations nor any special care for upgrading their socioeconomic positions.
So, promising these poor deprived sections of Muslims with a bunch of fake promises, settings of non functional minority welfare ministry and announcement of special programmes with wide circulation and advertisements are the minority cards being played by Congress govt to play vote bank politics. Then, the Hindus people started to look over the issue with jealousy and communal tension brewed up in their minds thinking that congress govt has been offering Muslims everything for they are Muslims. So, a group of Hindu organizations like RSS, BHP, Yoga camps under Baba Ramdev etc whose ideology is hindutwa and Hindu nationalism started to work day and night over past 3 years and became grossly successful in uniting Hindus by igniting their minds for cause of supporting BJP with similar ideologies. These Hindu organizations began to reach everywhere including educational institutions and commercial centres even up to the extent to the collection of funds from corporate sectors and acquiring of almost all national media. They left no stone unturned in managing all corporate sectors, media, NGOs, organizations within short span of time with agenda of freeing India from corruption, price rise, misrule of Congress party with communal flavours and Muslim demographic invasion through high birth rate and illegal immigrations.

On the other hand, wide advertisements of Congress party regarding minority welfare schemes to play votebank politics of minorities which partially divided the country on communal line, where BJP dumped its seedlings through various diplomatic policies and tricks by projection of Modi as PM. This made majority Hindus to decide for voting in favour of BJP only which promised for development, security and freeing country from corruption , price rise and make returned back all black money. Also, repeated telecast of Mody’s relly in all media changed mindsets of Majority Hindus to vote for only BJP.
So, it is very much clear that had not Congress party already divided India based on minority cards, BJP strategy would not have worked to make BJP come out with such a absolute majority. But it is very clear that BJP party has already understood Muslims as their enemy due to minority card games of Congress party and most of Muslims have not voted for BJP contrary to its reality. So, there arises every possibility for BJP party to have indifferent step mother attitude towards Muslims.

Muslims have become scapegoats in the end of the day. Also, since none of BJP MPs are Muslims, so none to represent in ruling party in floor of parliament to speak up their own problems. So, Muslims have to wait for obtaining sympathy of upcoming govt rather than playing any active roles. So, this time Muslim representation in parliament have just touched to 23, where all are belonging to Congress party and its allies which is not even in a position to form opposition party in centre as it could not touch 55 seats which is the minimum seats required for a party to become opposition party. For the first time in Indian politics , Muslims are sharing no seats in upcoming government. Moreover Muslims are likely to suffer from obvious polarization of the country on communal lines which is really unfortunate for secular and Democratic country like India.

So, its the time for us to think wisely over the matter on how are Muslims have been fooled by a particular party by playing minority card games over them and take appropriate steps in future to prevent from becoming just a victims through playing inactive role as mere voters in vote bank politics. Also, its the duty of upcoming BJP party to offer best governance to India holding tightly Democratic, secular and socialist fabrics of India. It is necessary for BJP to win hearts of people who are being alleged to hate them, so that they also contributes best for their victory from next elections onwards.

Editor’s note: Dr. Shahnoor Rahman(MBBS) is a junior doctor in Guwahati Medical College & Hospital. This article bears his own views and observation. It doesn’t reflect the views of publication. Catch author at shahnoorrahman94@gmail.com

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  1. As you said,
    “So it is purely a religion based reservation system where a section of people have been enjoying from generations to generations.”
    But as I see
    People from Mizoram ,Nagaland, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh and parts of Manipur are not hindus but are ST. There are SC Sikhs in Punjab.

    Also there were a number of members of the muslim community in the Constituent Assembly of India. The country is run according to the provisions of the constitution and there are the courts to ensure that it remains so.