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Reasons Why You Need Granite Countertops in Your Kitchen

Are you truly confused about what material your kitchen countertop should be? With the multiple options available in the market and new fads arising, there surely is a lot of chaos in the countertops market. Each material would have its own pros and cons, and you need to weigh them before to take a decision. A granite countertop could surely be an upgrade to the old steel and wooden counterparts. The wooden laminates are also losing their grip on the market and granite with their aesthetic looks and robust quality is the only sane option available. Granites have been tried and tested for decades and turns out to be one of the most long lasting substances because of its durability. Let us explore some of the reasons which makes granite a viable choice.

  • A unique choice: As you might know, granite doesn’t only come in multiple colours and styles but might also have different textures. Many countries export special granite, which is indigenous to their area only. This gives a uniqueness to the product.
  • House full of children? Granite can be cleaned very easily and includes low maintenance. With a house full of over-energetic children who love to spill things over, you wouldn’t have to worry about them spoiling your countertops. The heat and water resistant properties make it much durable. Hence it wouldn’t be damaged even when your children are beating the toys against the kitchen countertops.
  • Durable: Let’s face it! No one buys kitchen countertops for a couple of years. Once installed, countertops are supposed to last a decade. This is what granite provides you with. It has known to be able to withstand high pressure and thus would not get damaged by heat or water. These countertops are much more long lasting than the wooden or steel countertops.
  • An eye soother: The aesthetic appeal of granite cannot be debated on. The material itself is colourful, smooth and attractive. The variety of colours and textures will surely find you the perfect match to the colour scheme of the kitchen and would fit in like a charm. It doesn’t have any constraints in design like wood does.
  • No fuss: Many other materials like stainless steel countertops have a greater maintenance requirements than granite. It doesn’t need any special cleaner and a little soap and water would do the drill. Granite is also known for the properties like resisting bacterial growth, hence ensuring safety and hygiene in the kitchen. This becomes the topmost priority as the bacterial resistance of the kitchen countertop would ensure a healthy food and safety of your family from infections.
  • Affordability in question: The last question in our minds still remains about the cost. The average cost of granite is comparatively more than that of its competitors. This is true, but that doesn’t mean that granite isn’t bang for the buck. The durability of the granite covers up for the higher costs. The material needs negligible maintenance, thus you save some bucks there too.

Its durability, attractiveness, resistance and affordability makes people select it over the other materials present in the market. Granite is a perfect choice, to make the kitchen lively and long-lasting.