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Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 16 May, 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Rishi thinks Tanuja got him and Naitra arrested

Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki begins with Rishi stopping Naitra’s advances saying she is not his wife. She has no rights. She takes off Rishi’s(Sharad Malhotra) shirt , he negates but is too drunk to stop her. She lies down next to him while he speaks Tanuja’s name. She says you are so handsome, I don’t understand what do you see in her .

Tanuja(Kratika Sengar) is dicey whether to knock on the door or not. A knock is on the door and Rishi says its Tanuja. Naitra opens the door  and it’s police.  They arrest her for being there and immoral conduct. They arrest Rishi as well. The police officer says that she called at the right time. Otherwise, that Naitra girl would have ended everything. Rishi hears this and looks at who said something like that and sees Tanuja there. Oberois see this and walk away. Rishi goes after them but to no avail.

It is revealed that biji called the police and not Tanuja. She asks biji as to why did she do all this, it just created more drama and when did she come to Pune. She says she heard her on the phone and decided to come to Pune and when she arrived, she saw Rishi and her fighting. She, then saw her crying in the corner and couldn’t let Naitra stay in the same room as her. Tanuja says that along with Naitra, Rishi is also arrested, how will they get him out.

At home, Rano questions Raaj why he went to meet Poorab. Raaj was upset that Poorab is very dangerous and may do anything. They warns everyone to stay away from Poorab. Rano sends Raaj into the room and tells Divia to make coffee for Raaj. Divia was curt why she didn’t ask Ahana for coffee. In the kitchen, Divia was curt over making coffee. Ahana comes to ask if she should make it, and offers Divia as well. She asks Divia how her mom is, Divia asks why she has been questioning her since she returned. Uvi comes to interrupt Divia, Divia argues with UV. He asks why she over reacts on every matter. Ahana takes coffee for Raaj and pours a cup for Divia as well. Divia complains about their disrespect. Uvi asks Divia why she lied to them all, about her mom’s health. Divia couldn’t sip her coffee.
In the jail, everyone enjoys Rishi’s dance. The female incharge comes to tell them stop this all. Uvi says he met her mom, she was not unwell. Divia says she went to lake and was upset because of fights between them. She thought about going to walk. Uvi hugs Divia and assures he would try not to hurt her again at all.(Also Read: Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 15 May Written Update of full Episode: Rishi is still annoyed at Tanuja even though she tries to pacify him)

Tanuja comes to jail and introduces herself as Rishi’s husband. The female inspector says the girl had bribed the manager to get into her room. Tanuja requests them to leave her husband, he is even unaware what’s happening to him.


Naitra comes out to expect Rishi but it was Poorab signing her bail papers. Rishi and Tanuja were together. Rishi says he isn’t effected by watching her, she resides in his heart