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Rihanna Broke Someone's Phone and Apologized With $25,000

Hollywood, May 14, 2014, Eliza Thompson: Rihanna went to a Clippers game on Friday, and while there, agreed to take a selfie with the gentleman sitting next to her. But she then accidentally dropped his phone, causing the screen to crack into a million terrible little pieces just like your soul does right after you drop your own phone. The worst!

Rihanna Broke Someone’s Phone and Apologized With $25,000

Rihanna Broke Someone's Phone and Apologized With $25,000


The guy, though, happened to be president of the Los Angeles Police Commission, so he was like, “NBD, let’s auction this thing for charity!” It’s currently on eBay with the bidding at $13,200, which, yes, is a lot money for a busted phone. But half of the proceeds from the auction will go to the Los Angeles Police Memorial Foundation, which supports the families of officers killed in the line of duty, while the other half will be used for helping underserved young men and women enter and graduate from the LAPD’s cadet program.

Rihanna Broke Someone's Phone and Apologized With $25,000


Because she is rich and charitable, Rihanna also donated $25,000 for the memorial fund and cadet program. Rihanna: The best person you could ever hope to break your phone.


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  1. That was literally so nice of Rhianna to do, wjich is part of the reason why depsite all of her mishaps and many wrongful thoughts thrown at her and despite all the hatred and having so many people watching and documenting her every move- I love her so much. She’s such a cutie and a sweet girl, if onlt others would look past what they claim are her “bad” choices and all that other crap and accept the woman for who she is.