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Special Report: 10th no. Nagaon Lok Sabha Constituency, Assam

Nagaon, February 24, Sandipan Sharma: 10th no. Nagaon Lok Sabha Constituency is situated in the city of Nagaon district, state of Assam. This city is situated 120 km from Guwahati, Assam. It has a population of 147,231 as per census of India.
Nagaon Lok Sabha Constituency
The Nagaon Constituency is consists of  9 Legislative Assembly Constituency (LAC). They are as follows:

1. Jagiroad (reserved for SC).

2. Morigaon

3. Laharighat

4. Raha (reserved for SC)

5. Nagaon

6. Barhampur

7. Jamunamukh

8. Hojai

9. Lumding

From the Nagaon Constituency Dev Kant Barooah who was representing Indian National Congress (INC) was the MP for the first time.

 DC office of Nagaon

DC office of Nagaon
Session 1951(Dev Kanta Barooah)

In 1951 the first edition of  Lok Sabha election in Nagaon Constituency Late Dev Kanta Barooah was elected as the first MP. He was contestating Lok Sabha election from this constituency as a candidate of  Indian National Congress (INC).
Dev Kanta Barooah
There were total  173832 no of votes valid (50.70% of Total Electors). As a winner Dev Kanta Barooah got total 79673 votes. Lakshmi Prasad Goswami from SP was runner up , he got a total no of 46829 votes. The margin of votes was 32844 which was 18.89 % of Total Valid Votes .

Session 1957 (Liladhar Kakati):

In this session Date of  polling was 25th Feb 1957. Liladhar Kakati from Indian National Congress(INC) and Sukadev Goswami (IND) got 119002  and 53947 votes respectively. The margin of votes were 65055 ( 33.75% of Total Valid Votes )  The valid votes were 192740 (49.05% of Total Electors).

Session 1962 (Liladhar Kakati):

In this session of  Lok Sabha election last time winner Liladhar Kakati was  again elected as a 3rd MP for the Nagaon Constituency. This time the polling was held on 19th Feb 1962. Being a candidate of  Indian National Congress (INC) he got 97942 no of votes and became winner while Sukadev Goswami (IND) was the runner up and he got 72967 votes. Votes margin was 24975 , which was 10.44%of total Valid Votes .

Session 1967 (Liladhar Kakati):

This 4th edition of  Lok Sabha election was held on 15th Feb 1967 in this constituency. Candidate from Indian National Congress (INC) Liladhar Kakati got 103752 votes and become winner for the 3rd time at a stretch. while his K.Bora, candidate from CPI  got 57086  votes. The winning margin was 46666 (19.69% of  total Valid Votes ).There was total 251522 no of elector. From which 251522  no of votes were polled in which 14574  votes was declared as rejected.

Session 1971 (Liladhar Kakati):

In this session of  Lok Sabha election there was 7 no of  total candidate from this  Nagaon Constituency. The polling was held on 3rd May. There was total 432645 no of elector. From which 238326 no of votes were polled in which 10804 votes was declared as rejected which was 4.53% of Total Votes Polled. Liladhar Kakati from Indian National Congress (INC) was elected again as a 5th MP from the Nagaon Constituency. He defeated Phani Bora (CPI). Liladhar Kakati  got 132209 votes While his rival Phani Bora got 49392 votes. The margin of votes was 82817 (36.40% of Total Valid Votes ).

Session 1977 (Dev Kant Barooah):

In this time Dev Kant Barooah was selected as a MP for Nagaon Constituency from Indian National Congress (INC).This time from this Constituency three candidate was battling for election. In this session the battle was between Dev Kant Barooah (INC) and Indreswar  Goswami (BLD). When the final results declared Dev Kant Barooah (INC) got 176605 votes while Indreswar  Goswami (BLD)  got 122386 votes. Dev Kant Barooah won with a margin of 54219 votes.

Session 1985 (Muhiram Saikia ):

This 8th edition of  Lok Sabha election was held on 16th Dec 1985.There were total 1058 no of polling stations. There are total 593134 no of valid votes. Muhiram Saikia , who was Independent candidate got 229377 votes and he defeated Haji Abdur Rauf, an Independent candidate who got 193747 votes. Muhiram Saikia won by a margin 35630 (6.01% of Total Valid Votes ).

Session 1991 (Muhiram Saikia):

As a 8th MP of Nagaon Constituency Muhiram Saikia candidate of AGP was elected as a winner . He got a total 151481 votes while his rival Bishnu Prasad, candidate of  Indian National Congress(INC)  got 138564  votes. There were total no of 1145 polling stations. 767  was the average no of electors per polling stations.

Session 1996 (Muhiram Saikia):

In this edition of  Lok Sabha election , Muhiram Saikia as a 9th MP from Nagaon  Constituency was selected. He was representing  Asom Gana Parishad (AGP).While his main rival was Nazneen Faruque from  INC got only 209521 votes while Muhiram Saikia managed to get 263649 votes. The votes margin was 54128 (7.40%of Total Valid Votes ) .There was total 13 no of candidate for MP election in this session.

Session 1998 (Nripen Goswami)

Nripen Goswami  (INC) was the winner of this session 1998. There were total 8no of contestant from the constituency. The polling for election was held on 16th Feb 1998. Nripen Goswami  (INC) got 267448 votes and Rajen Gohain from BJP got 229664 votes . The winning margin of vote was 37784 (5.95%of Total Valid Votes ).

Session 1999 (Rajen Gohain)

Rajen Gohain from BJP was the winner of this 13th edition of Lok Sabha election. As a winner Rajen Gohain got 328861 votes while his rival Nripen Goswami  (INC) got 293433 votes. In this session there was eight contestant from this Nagaon Constituency.
Rajen Gohain
Session 2004(Rajen Gohain)

In this edition of Lok Sabha election Rajen Gohain candidate of  BJP  was winner. He elected as a 12th MP from Nagaon Constituency  He again defeated Bishnu Prasad candidate of INC .

Session 2009 (Rajen Gohain)

For the 15th Lok Sabha Election Mr. Rajen Gohain was the winner. He is also current  MP of  Nagaon Constituency. He was a candidate of  BJP as a winner he got 380921 votes while as runner up Anil Raja got 335541 votes. The margin was 45380 votes. There was total 13  no of candidate from this The polling was held on 23rd  APR 2009.

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