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Killing Fields of Muzaffarnagar – The Real Story by Himanshu Kumar

New Delhi, 23 Feb,Himanshu Kumar: Kawal is a village in the Muzaffarnagar district of western Uttar Pradesh in northern India. This is the village from where the riot started. It was told in the newspaper and television that in Kawal village, the Hindu girl is seduced by a Muslim boy called Shahnawaz. Later when her brother went to speak to the Muslim boy, the Hindu boys were killed.
Killing Fields of Muzaffarnagar – The Real Story by Himanshu Kumar
Killing Fields of Muzzafarnagar – The Real Story by Himanshu Kumar
Image : Himanshu Kumar in Muzaffarnagar
But the truth is something else!

Shahnawaz was a 24 years old handsome young boy with eight brothers. These seven brother used to stay near Chennai Central Railway Station at Periamet and sell ladies wore suits. They all returned to their village after several months. A day before Shahnawaz was killed that is on 26th August he bored his 7 brothers in a train going to Chennai from Muzaffar Nagar and he said he join them within 1 or 2 days.

Next day on 27th August afternoon Shahnawaz on the way to market with some work and there he collide with Gaurav’s bicycle and there was an argument between them, late Shahnawaz returned back home.

Next day afternoon when Shahnawaz was going to mosque for prayer, he saw Gaurav with three other people on motor cycle standing on the way. Suddenly they attacked him with knife and gave punches and Shahnawaz fell down screaming.

The murderers escaped by running away towards Ngli village, but Gaurav and sachin started running towards Mallikpur. But they were caught by the villagers. All the people on the road beat them so hardly that they died on the spot. Crowd over they did not see whether these murderers are Hindu or Muslim, they just killed them as they entered they village and attacked they village boy. This incident took place around two o’clock afternoon. SP and Collector reached shortly.

In the presence of the former head of Vikram Saini, the police broke into the shutters of the shops of Muslims. Fazal, Afzal and Munna’s shops were looted. Sarfraz ‘s car was burned. And other Muslim peoples were beaten into homes. Vikram Saini, former head of the attackers who is now in jail is kept under Kwal security.

SP Saini was also transferred due to this reason that Muslim’s were attacked in his presence. But BJP says that this action was taken due to false propaganda towards Muslims, Azam Khan throws SP and collector. The transfer of SP was done same night, but the innocent Muslim whose name was not in FIR was released the next day. Hurriedly police kept bulk Muslims behind bars, but a single Shahnawaz’s killer was not caught.

Nearly at 4.30 pm Gaurav’s father launched an FIR where in there was nothing mentioned about the misbehavior with any girl, but in that also it was mentioned that there was a collide between Shahnawaz’ motor cycle and Gaurav’s cycle.

In Dainik Bhaskar and NDTV Gaurav’s sister admitted that his brother didn’t even know Shahnawaz, they never met before or they did not have any issues. But BJP leaders forcefully preached that it was because of flirting with the sister.

Wantedly they included Shahnawaz’s two brother’s name in the FIR. As this was not correct, because at that moment they were travelling in Dehradun express to Chennai. These seven brothers came to know about this incident on the way and they got off the train at Ballarshah station and took other train to return back to the village.

In the presence of PAC Kwal next day Sachin and Gaurav’s funeral was done in village. After that they created a havoc on the Muslims houses. The doors of the houses were destroyed, the goods were looted, the belongings of the mosque such as fans, Inverter etc were also looted. PAC pointed guns towards Muslims so that they cannot safe guard they stuff.

The Muslim peoples whose names were included in the FIR by Gaurav’s father were surrendered unwilling to the police due to the fear. In an enquiry report by Sanpurn Tiwari it is declared that first Shahnawaz was killed and later gaurav and Sachin were killed by the crowd.

Till date there is no enquiry on the FIR of innocent Shahnawaz death, as if nothing happened. The truth is that innocent Shahnawaz was killed and he did not get any justice till date and his killers are being honored openly. Shahnawaz’s father even met Mulayam Singh Yadav regarding this case but still there is no action taken on this case.

Do you think in this country we need to have different laws for different religions, will that be accepted. We’ll take the case to the Supreme Court. Remember Shahnawaz was innocent. The innocent people in the jail have to be granted bail. And the murderers have to be jailed and this case should be preceded to the Supreme Court.

Hindi version of this story is found author’s own Blog : http://dantewadavani.blogspot.com/2014/02/blog-post.html

Editor’s Note: This article’s views are fully author’s own and it does not reflect our responsibility !


  1. Muzaffarnagar k baare me puri sachhai,aaj muze pata chali hai,aap logo ne Jo bhi,search kiya hai,vo taarif k kabil hai,ek choti si ghatna ko gunde politicians ne BADA roop de Diya,marne wala marr Gaya,insaf ab bhi daba Hua,aur chupa Hua hai……..matlab adhura hai.

  2. There you go again… SICKular story to brain wash people and demonizing hindus. Whereas the fact is muslims are the trouble makers all over the world.

  3. And, at last, truth will prevail.God’s judgment will be above all but one day. We must remember that we are all human being not Hindus or Muslims. Honestly speaking, whenever we kill to a human being we kill our own faith in almighty God.Do we believe in God ? We have to ponder on this irony question. And that’s all.Thank you for promoting the truth.

  4. It’s not your fault you got a SICK mind…. but at least you keep a wish to be cured from your disturbed thinking…. Get a Life!

  5. These sorts of incident take every single day in India, for example, land dispute, family dispute, street fight and so on. However, full blown riots between two communties do not take becuase of those above mentioned reasons. Shanawaz was happened to be a reason, it was that reason, which some political parties took the advantage of the situation. The BJP together with its splinter group VHP, who orchestrated and cunningly managed the whole situation by creating their own version of story i.e, the teasing of a girl, as far as the SP are concerned, they did not do anything while watching and prolonging the whole situation.
    I am not shock if the BJP and the VHP do such things because they being doing to it ever since they created, but the SP will regret it forever.
    Modi will be remember forever for 2002, congress will be remember for 1984 and the SP will be remember for Muzaffarnagar.

  6. Jay Shah, Please do not bring Hindus name into this. People like you do politics over dead bodies. SP, Shiv Sena and BJP are people who convert every street fight, dispute into riots to kills innocents of both side. I do not feel demonize if we bring truth out of this and punish real culprits who are also responsible of deaths on 41 infants in relief camps.

  7. Jazakallah Khair Mr. Yazdani Ashraf. I agree with you and I really appreciate. Whatever you said is absolutely true. In my opinion the only way to avoid such circumstances in future, we should bring awareness among muslims all over India, that they have to be aware and not to believe any Kaafir even they are very close to them. All muslims specially the poor muslims living in small villages should be trained Self Diffence courses, so they can save themselves and their families in such kind of circumstances. Whatever happened in Gujarat in 2002 and in Muzaffarnagar in 2013 should be seriously taken and we should open our eyes at-least now. Allahuakbar

  8. Very unfortunate. It appeared partition period has revisited. It is very shameful and needs condemnation but I feel Some parts have be twisted to suit the compiler and the cause has been underplayed. you have right to differ.

  9. we all human being even Hindu Muslim or any does not matter we should respect to each all and should be protect the human ans humanity

  10. Excellent eye-opening report. Thank you, Indilens.

    It’s very sad to find how our mainstream media have turned Bajrangi and do not want to report such story simply because they do not want to show anything that proves that Muslims were innocent. Expose all- Muslims and Hindus, if they are involved in any misdeed.

    Another warning to Indilens:

    Your correspondents and copy editors are extremely inefficient in writing English. Language in most stories are awfully bad. Hire efficient correspondents/copy editors if you want your portal to survive, or if you want it to be followed by educated class.

    If you seek my suggestions, I am ready to help you. Please note that I cannot work for you.

  11. In india law is very weak , the people who used this cruilty must be punished strictly.a lot of innocent muslims were killed . They lived hand to mouth .