Powell-Banerjee parlay remains unfulfilled

Kolkata, February 22, Rimo Bose: US ambassador Nancy Powell had conversation with the Governor M K Narayanan at the Raj Bhavan last Friday and returned to her embassy without holding a meeting with Mamata Banerjee the Chief Minister this is what is being ascertained by the CM.

Nancy Powell

The CM even said while addressing the press regarding this issue during paying her flowery memorial to the Bhasa Divas martyrs “You people know it all and then you pen down anything, you decide to believe but I have not been informed any appointment of the Envoy meeting me, no appointment at all.”

Her comment was an answer to what has been represented in the media and related to the past made by her party’s authentic website. The website is taken to be the first to make a declaration of Powell’s visit. Then the post was removed and again made to accentuate on Friday, saying about the meet up between the Envoy with the CM. But the statement made by the US embassy sources has revealed that a talk took place in the middle of the February with the secretary of the CM so as to avail an allotment. But no reverberation was attained. Although the contradictory statements have got lot of speculative comments from the political sphere that Mamata Banerjee might get backing from Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid. This is being believed that the CM is delaying the meeting with the US ambassador as the Imam is against the approval of US war aircraft base in India.

Therefore it is being assumed that the support from the Imam will aid Mamata banerjee to go national and to dismiss the accusation made by the opposition party regarding her concealed fellowship with the BJP.