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IAF is said to have played no role- Hindon Movement

New Delhi, February 22, Rimo Bose: NAK Browne Retired Air Chief Marshal has made it clear in his comments that the para movement hailing at Agra has got nothing to do with the IAF. The fussy Army movement that took place in the year 2012 is not related with IAF, he even said that the plan was formed as an aligned task with the IAF a month afterward.

NAK Browne, Retired Air Chief Marshal

NAK Browne Retired Air Chief Marshal

Browne even refused to comment on what has been pronounced by the Army regarding the paras movement of unifying with C-130s, Hindon. This statement came as soon as Lt Gen AK Choudhury the formar Director General of the operations of Military has confirmed that he had received from the defense secretary to make the troops return back who were close to Delhi.

Browne even mentioned that the IAF has recently secured the C-130s and paratroopers then was planned to execute a probe into the mechanism of the army aircraft. And this assertion came after the troop controversy made to the surface. He even said that the troop dispute came when the Army chief general VK Singh was seeking the SC regarding his birth date blowup. And that the movement is Army’s issue and it has no relation with the IAF as their squad didn’t near Hindon so no such squabble should take place.

The paras were resorted near Agra so that they can provide help to the neighbouring nations in the time of requirement and need. In this they were connected with IAF.

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