BTAD Genocide and Social media legacy of Killing Innocents in Assam

Kolkata,10 May-2014, Younus Sk: These comments are not stray incidents, posted on social networking websites, like Facebook and Twitter, was bombarded with hate messages condoning the killings and even on occasions asking the same to be repeated in other parts of the country. There were some who cited examples of 1984, 2002 and Muzaffarnagar to justify the actions and termed the killings in the best interest of the nation.

It is alleged that recent genocide has been carried out by ex BLT terrorists , as those are presently masked BPF 
The feeling of hatred was palpable and remained prevalent across the internet throughout the day.

BTAD Genocide and Social media legacy of Killing Innocents in Assam

BTAD Genocide and Social media legacy of Killing Innocents in Assam

Here is a conversation recorded by concern citizens on BTAD genocide in Assam –

When survivors have identified who all were perpetrators in the Narayanguri massacre, many Bodo individuals in facebook are trying hard to peddle conspiracy theories that the perpetrators weren’t ex-BLT.

Peddle your lies elsewhere folks. Not on my wall.  The rest of the world is not so stupid to believe your lies.

Rakib Kausar : The Bangladeshi tag, however, makes all of them soft targets whenever conflicts flare up in the region. Other communities such as the ‘adivasis’ have also born the brunt of violence by Bodo extremists in the past but it is the Bengali-speaking Muslims that have suffered the greatest casualties over the past three decades in western Assam.

Zeshmeen Bahar: why dnt they dare to speak the truth ?or they r daring in only killing of unarmed innocent people..

Main Uddin: It means, major portion of BODO people supports this Muslim genocide , isn’t it ?

Nitin Basrur : Aha!! So they have a presence on Facebook too?!! 

Nitin Basrur: Obviously, it is their confidence that they have political backing that encourages them. Else they would not have dared. 

Charan Basumatary:  Work for unity and humanity. Your intention and aim is to make peaceful state and coexistence among different communities in Assam. When you intentionally target a particular community and doing wrong propaganda against them (say Bodos), your whole aims for peaceful coexistence among different communities is fail indeed. A humanity worker blames only a certain section of culprits not to the community as a whole. I am a social work scholars, I know the humanitarian principles, I worked in an NGO (the ANT, Chapaguri, Chirang) with a Muslim gal name Tahina kahtun, it was long back in 2008-09. I visited many Muslims village those days with Tahina. 

Nilim Dutta brother: you are a failed person and don’t deserve to be a good humanitarian. I don’t support killers, be it Bodos’ or Muslims, in my humanitarian words every culprits should get punished. Terrorists have no color, no religion and no community. Don’t blame community as a whole. I have been visiting Bodo villages and giving awareness, met many youths, I found the realities and truth that most of them NDFB cadres run away from home and join in the group. Families and villagers are never sent to the groups. So no meaning of blaming to a particular community as a whole. Inhumanity work of a humanitarian worker, a caste, creed, color, language, religion or community does not mater, he works for everybody (human being). But when I see and observe your activities in the facebook, most of the time you are fueling for communal, hatred against a particular community. These are not the activities of a social activist, a humanitarian or a social worker. You can’t come under any of those categories rather you’re a master of communal and riots. Nilim Dutta brother, I know you have many words against me and will blame me as a Bodos. But I never want to judge you on the basis of Assamese as a whole. During my 30 year life span I met many good and bad Assamese people, but because of a few good Assamese all of them not good, in similar ways because of a few bad Assamese all of them not bad people. I think you forgot the principles of social work, humanitarian work. Please reevaluate your thinking brother, work for unity and fight for justice, but not against the a particular community. These are not done by social workers and humanitarian workers.

Merlin Francis: Charan Basamatary//Nilim Dutta brother: Charan Basamatary//Nilim Dutta brother: you are a failed person and don’t deserve to be a good humanitarian// 

//But when I see and observe your activities in the facebook, most of the time you are fueling for communal, hatred against a particular community////You can’t come under any of those categories rather you’re a master of communal and riots////But I never want to judge you on the basis of Assamese as a whole//

But Mr.Charan Basamatary, didn’t you already judge Nilim Dutta according to your statements, that while he’s such a bad social activist, while you on the other hand are portraying yourself as holier than thou…Couldn’t understand you calling Nilim Dutta a ‘brother’ and at the same time you are spewing venom and running him down with regards to the work he does….be careful in what you say as you’re getting trapped in your own words…Or is it a case of grapes gone sour!!!! Most of us feel and understand that Nilim Dutta is doing a magnificient job and rendering his services to the people who have no one to speak on their behalf, so it seems its not going down well with some people…

After reading your comment, respect for Nilim Dutta has increased manifold….

Nilim Dutta : Actually, Merlin Francis, these Charan Basumatarys never found the courage or the intention to ever stand up against any of the mass murderers from their own communities because deep down, they support ethnic cleansing of non-Bodos. I have known their ilk. Ask him if ever he has had the guts to stage a protest against BLT or NDFB atrocities. Because I refuse to cover up their atrocities or refuse to NOT expose their lies, I have left them disturbed and frothing in the mouth. LOL

Taher Hassan : Nilim Dutta please continue with the good work you are doing for the innocent and hapless victims, who adore and revere you for the yeoman service you are rendering. Do not be perturbed by the rants of these so called social activists who are nothing but enemies of humanity because they endorse the killings of innocent people who have no means to defend themselves.

Charan Basumatary Merlin Francis, Nilim Dutta: tell me the principles of humanity and humanitarian works. They never discriminate in terms of caste, creed, color, religions and community. They work for unity, peace and reconciliation. Can I see those works from Nilim Dutta? A humanitarian and social workers never make hatred words in terms of caste, creed, color, religions and community. You failed to see media how many of us (ABSU) has been protesting against the kidnap, extortion and wall fostering, doing village level awareness. Simply blaming can’t solve the issues. Who said we didn’t protest and blame the killing? NDFB gun down innocent Muslims does not mean that Bodo people killed Muslims. Get your facts. You are asking me to stop and fight against the NDFB, so why can’t you stop ULFA activities? Do you want to make again and again communal class in Assam? I appreciate your work for a particula community, but stop hatred words and encouraging Muslims to fight against the Bodos. I never encourage my Bodo brothers to fight and killed innocent people.

Nilim Dutta : There cannot be peace, without justice first, Charan Basumatary. I have consistently fought and spoken up against ULFA. Unlike you. I am NOT responsible for communal clashes. Your genocidal politics is what is responsible.

Charan Basumatary Nilim Dutta your directly or indirectly fueling the issues. Sometime be careful your words, your genocidal politics mean what does it mean? I am not politician like you. I am just a social work student. I guess you need to know many things about the principles of social works and Humanitarian works. If you fighting for justice fight for it, why don’t you fight with government? Why are you burning the issues in communal level? Hating and voicing against a particular community is not a good sign of a social activist.

Nilim Dutta Your people will continue to butcher non Bodos and I have to keep quiet, Charan Basumatary ?? LOL

Charan Basumatary : Hello Nilim Dutta! Who is asking you to stop? If you have so much courage, why can’t you fight for justice? We need people like you to fight for justice, but when you write hatred words against the particular community in facebook, does it mean that you are fighting for justice or simply barking like dog at streets?

Nitin Basrur Charan Basumatary, Is the fight between govt to govt? Or, is it certain terrorist groups of Bodos attacking innocent Muslims?

Merlin Francis Oh, wow..from a social activist, nilim dutta now becomes a politician…charan basumatary….Is it bothering you because he’s helping the people who are being massacred, seems more like that…and you say you’re a student in social activism, in that case I think you need to hold your fire because Nilim Dutta is more seasoned and has a better understanding of ground realities…time and again you’re putting your foot in your mouth with your random statements…

Main Uddin : Charan Basumatary @ mind your language ! you are not only higher educated here ! 1000s of educated people following Nilim and his status ! Have you minimum humanity , how you can justify the killings when it comes to innocent people those have nothing to do with politics and arms

Nilim Dutta : Dear Charan Basumatary, spare me your lies. When 350,000 innocent Muslims were rendered homeless and destitute by violence against them by Bodos, you all were busy in agitations to expel them accusing them falsely as Bangladeshis. So much for the humanitarian work you do. LOL I don’t need to be taught how to fight my battles for justice by genocidal ethnic chauvinists in the guise of humanitarian workers.  LOL

Nitin Basrur Is this what they teach in ‘Tata Institute of Social Sciences’? I always suspected it was tainted with saffron. This is confirmation.

Main Uddin Nitin Basrur ji @ this non Bodo genocide fully pre planned and rooted from deep politicians as well as saffron social activities all over the nation

Nitin Basrur Yes. No wonder Ratan Tata was eager to see Modi become PM of India.

Charan Basumatary : hahahaha where did you guys see such comments I am justifying the killing to innocent people? I am just asking to fight for justice rather than criminalizing, hatred words against the Muslims and Bodos. I am not writing even a single line against the Muslims here, wrong judgment budy @@ Nitin Basrur. I am just asking to fight against the justice rather than doing hate speech. Hate speech can’t solve the issues, Nilim Dutta can’t give justice with hate speech. Better fight in the court and help victims to get justice. We (ABSU) already condemn and gave media statement against the attacks on innocent people. But still leveling all of us as terrorist and terrorist supporters. So shall I also level you with ULFA militant Mr Nilim Dutta? I wrote many times we don’t support killings, extortion etc.

Merlin Francis Going by charan basumatary rhetoric and the aggressive language he prefers to use, these are signs of the saffron brigade and he’s using his so called social activism as a facade to hide his hindutva face..

Main Uddin : Charan Basumatary @ if ABSU wants there will be no killings as it is seen several times that a single words from ABSU can vandelized normal lives for 1000 hours in BTAD ! if ABSU announce “NO KILLING” order , who has the power to utter a single words in BTAD ! ha ha ha ha …. “tum karte jaou aur hum dikkar dete jayenge par rukna nehi “

Nilim Dutta Dear Charan Basumatary, of course I am equally responsible like all Axomiyas are in the atrocities unleashed in our name by ULFA or by Axomiya chauvinists who massacred thousands of our Muslim villagers in Nellie in 1983. Unlike you, I have the honesty and courage to own up the atrocities unleashed by my own community and fight against it.

Nitin Basrur // … fight against the “justice” or ‘injustice”? \ And, are you saying there is a connection between TISS and ABSU? Both are saffron? And ULFA is made up of muslim militants? Really?!!

Main Uddin : Nilim Dutta > here is a status , i had said a few days ago >>

There was a time, 80% Assamese people supported a militant group in 90’s decade, but the same militant group was destroyed by the government with in 6 months ! just it needs willing ness of government to abolish such terrorists groups. How many people in BODO killer group? I am sure , very few members in those groups and less trained comparing the above mentioned. Government may be not willing to destroy the terrorists . so they are carrying mass killing one after another !

Charan Basumatary : You guys keep indulging in hate speech and will get justice. I am simply asking not to encourage people to participate in hate speech. Merlin Francis: Aggressive language? Whole world can read my comments, i am not attacking Muslims here nor using hatred words, but you are finding the aggressive words? I can’t believe it. That is showing your mental capacity to understand dear friend.

Nilim Dutta : Dear Charan Basumatary, words like ‘justice’ sounds hollow in your mouth. 

Charan Basumatary : Am I the authority person to give you justice mr Nilim Dutta? Am I not suggesting you to fight for justice rather than using hate speech in facebook?

Nilim Dutta Dear Charan Basumatary, neither justice nor I am dependent on your advice.  LOL Actually what rankles you is that I don’t make facebook posts only but have vigorously intervened on the ground and have brought international media attention to the atrocities, besides keeping some of the highest officials in the government (both at Center & state) informed of the reality on the ground. 

Main Uddin : “Ulta chor kotowal ko pakde ” keya baat hai ……. “Kaloro kal bikhom kal harine celeke baghor gaal” ! koi jowa … prithibi tumarlogor logot ase , gaiu juwa ! hottya edin nohoy edin ulobo

Charan Basumatary According to you just because of NDFB militant whole Bodo are enemies to you? Because of ULFA you are enemy to Muslims?

Main Uddin : we don’t have any complaint on you as you love your community , never labelled you as communal but when we do the same why you have protest /complaint? simple logic ” mera biwi mera hai , tera biwi bhi mera hi hai ” @CB .

Nilim Dutta Dear Charan Basumatary, let the Muslim community decide what they consider me as. They have NOT given you that authority to decide for them. LOL

Charan Basumatary So how can you consider all Bodo are against the Muslims?

Nitin Basrur Charan Basumatary, Let’s get objective. Innocents are being killed in Assam in repeated incidents in spite of security forces’ presence. What is your solution to put an EFFECTIVE STOP to it?

Nilim Dutta If they are not, why does it bother you when I expose the atrocities unleashed on the Muslims, Charan Basumatary ?? 

Charan Basumatary : In what context you are using “If they are not?”.

Main Uddin : Nitin Basrur ji @ maximum intellectuals from them wants “safai abhijan” so , no solution except leaving or got killed !

Charan Basumatary Ok!!! you guys keep going! I am out! Please read back my comments if I am using any violence and hatred words against the Muslims community, sorry for that.

Taher Hassan : Charan Basumatary

You have used words like ” simply barking like dogs in the streets” and yet claim to have not used aggressive language. While your flawed language and futile rhetoric are devoid of any logic and human qualities you have exposed yourself to be a person who does not even have the basic understanding of the sufferings of the innocent women and children who have been slaughtered in cold blood. Now, just stop this meaninglessly blabber and allow some sane and right thinking people like Nilim Dutta to continue the onerous task of soothing the wounds inflicted on the hapless lot by your senseless ilk.

Nilim Dutta : Actually, Charan Basumatary is TISS trained in the use of humanitarian language, Taher Hassan.  LOL

Charan Basumatary Taher Hassan sir: Am I asking him to stop fighting for justice? I am just asking not to indulge in hate speech, more hate speech mean more conflicts, more hatred words mean more misunderstanding. I don’t now how will you judge me. Yes Mr Nilim Dutta TISS is teaching about humanitarian, not violence. I am not NDFB who killed innocent people. You may know “Pen is mightier than sword”. If you keep encouraging violence so you are also killer. I am neither supporter nor encouraging for violence.

Nilim Dutta But you are troubled when I expose those who were behind killings of innocent people, Charan Basumatary?? 

Main Uddin : ha ha ha TISS may not teach words “simply barking like dogs in the streets” but your circumtances bear the same ! you never uttered single word to BODO terrorists because “dil se ap bhi wohi chahte ho ….” @CB .

Charan Basumatary It’s not troubling me I am just afraid that you may be igniting other Muslims youths to participate in the violence with those lines. If they participate in the violence, where is your good aim for peaceful state? Where is ur goal for development for Muslims people?

Nilim Dutta Dear Charan Basumatary, I worked across hundreds of Muslim villages in BTAD exhorting people NOT to take law into their own hands or retaliate. Don’t need to be taught lessons by the likes of you. Revealing the genocidal face of Bodo chauvinism IS NOT incitement. It is speaking up inconvenient truths. Truths that bothers you.

Charan Basumatary Dear Nilim Dutta let the NIA or CBI come out with report, we have bitter experience of 2012 conflicts, many communities of NE states suffered with rumors. Whole world blamed on Bodos for violence but the CBI come out with report. KLO and some Muslims were the mastermind behind the 2012 conflicts. It’s not my words, but CBI report.

Main Uddin If want to say in Barpetia (Barpeta’s phonetic) ” MIA r choli gilan ethan aru burbok hoi thoka nai dak, buji pawa hoise ” just remember it ! what is truth and just , they know it now ! if they want then it would be another violence but it is still on sided GENOCIDE @CB

Nilim Dutta: Dear Charan Basumatary, were KLO and Muslims too responsible for attacking hundreds of Muslim villages and driving out the Muslim villages from there in 2012?  LOL

Charan Basumatary : Nilim Dutta you don’t get my points, CBI found the master mind behind the 2012 conflicts, that is what I wrote. Suppose if you killed a Muslim and Muslims killed back 5 Assamese but still mastermind was you, right? That is what I mean to say according to CBI report.

Nilim Dutta : By the justifications you are offering, should all of us have attacked innocent Bodos because the mastermind of 30 October 2008 serial blasts were Bodos Charan Basumatary ?  LOL


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