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How the preacher Abu Hamza lost both his arms?

London, 9 May-2014(ANI): Hate preacher Abu Hamza has reportedly revealed to a jury how he lost his arms while working on a road project.

How the preacher Abu Hamza lost both his arms?

How hate preacher Abu Hamza lost both his arms?

According to The Daily Express, the former imam of London’s Finsbury Park Mosque said he tried to throw a container of explosives away in the 1993 incident but it went off in his hands, leaving him with stumps.

After the incident, Hanza went to UK from Pakistan for NHS treatment and since then started wearing a hook on his right hand, right before the beginning of his journey to becoming an Islamic extremist.

Hamza reportedly studied engineering at college in Brighton before he became a member of the Royal Society of Engineers.

He was working in Lahore on a project with the Pakistani military when he lost both his hands.

Recalling the accident, Hamza said that the commander in charge of the project put a detonator in the bottom of a container of nitrobenzine, an explosive, and walked off.

Meanwhile, Hamza picked it up and held it and realized that it was getting hot.

When he went to throw it inside the bathroom, somebody was standing by the sink and since he wasn’t aware as to how much time he had, it went off, leaving him in a state of coma. (ANI)

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