BJP PM candidate's visit to Silchar and his promises to Assam

Silchar, February 22, Priyanka Bhowmick: BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi today visited Silchar, Assam and shared his views about the management of the state.  He said that Assam’s CM has been making false promises to its people about fulfilling their demands.

Modi’s visit to Silchar, Assam

modi's visit to Silchar

“When your Chief Minister, Tarun Gogoi, heard that I am going to visit Assam, he started losing his sleep.” said Modi. Further he said that Congress has been making false promises since the last 60 years and urged people to vote for BJP for they will help fulfilling people’s dreams.

He also shared, “I know each and every street of Assam. I have visited Assam and recognize its each and every corner that even your CM is not aware of.”

Modi also defined ‘Northeast region’ as Goddess Lakshmi (the goddess of wealth) and said that Lakshmi can found where there is wealth. People seek for ‘Saraswati’ (goddess of education and knowledge) as well as Lakshmi and Lakshmi needs a space to sit upon that’s why it rests upon lotus. And it will go away if there’s no lotus to rest upon.

Modi criticized Assam CM for his poor management of the state during the floods that occurred during 2012. He said that Tarun Gogoi was absent during the floods in Assam and he visited the US that moment followed by Japan. Many people lost their lives then and the CM was absent.

The BJP Prime Ministerial candidate also said that people of Assam are disturbed by infiltration.

“Assam lies next to Bangladesh, and Gujarat lies next to Pakistan. People of Assam are troubled because of Bangladesh and Pakistan is worried because of me,” said Modi.

Even he blamed Assam government for committing human rights violations at detention camps and said they failed to fulfill their promises.

“Who is responsible for destroying Assam? People here are disturbed because of governments who have failed to stop infiltration from Bangladesh. Do you want to live with the trouble created by the infiltrators from Bangladesh or think about the state’s future?” he questioned.

Modi also spoke about wages of laborers who faced no improvements and developments over the years and government turned deaf to them.