Law And Tourism Minister of Odisha Shot At Puri, Stable Condition Now

Odisha, February 22, Abhijit Saha: The Law, Tourism and Culture Minister of Odisha, Maheswar Mohanti was shot at Puri yesterday evening. The minister was shot by two unidentified men near Amala Club at around 8 PM when he was driving his scooter alone without any security.

Law And Tourism Minister of Odisha Shot At Puri

Law And Tourism Minister of Odisha Shot At Puri

At first he was taken to the district hospital at Puri but later when his condition began to deteriorate he was rushed to a private hospital at Bhubaneswar.

He was returning through the market to home after attending a function when the incident happened. Three bullets entered his body one at the arm, another at the shoulder and the third at his back. Puri collector and SP reached there a few minutes later. He also suffered head injuries because of falling from the scooter.

The police are in search of the criminals. A senior police officer said that this incident is looking like as a consequence of political rivalry. He said that this incident would not have happened if he had accompanied security personnel with him. He avoids protection in his home town Puri, he said.

Today the chief minister of Odisha Naveen Patnaik ordered the SP of Puri to arrest the scoundrels immediately. He also visited Mohanty at Kalinga Hospital where he is being treated.

The doctors of the hospital have removed the bullets from his body. One of the bullet landed in his rib had just touched his lungs causing slight injury, the hospital sources said. It took nearly an hour to remove the bullets from his body.  Now the minister is in his sense and his condition is also stable.

One person is detained in this connection and is being interrogated. This person is identified as Shibuni Bhoi known from SP office of Puri. Several others are also detained at different police stations but no one has been arrested as yet said by the sources.