BJP demands Priyanka to apologize for her low-level politics remark

New Delhi, 6 May-2014(ANI): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Tuesday demanded that Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s daughter Priyanka Gandhi Vadra should apologise to BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi for her low-level politics remark.

BJP demands Priyanka to apologize for her low-level politics remark

BJP demands Priyanka to apologize for her low-level politics remark

BJP leader Shahnawaz Hussain said Priyanka Gandhi should apologise not only to Modi but also to the people of the country.

“For the kind of language used for Narendra Modi, Priyanka Vadra must apologise to him. Politics must be healthy. One must not personalise it. Priyanka’s remark shows angst and desperation,” Hussain said.

Hussain added Congress party leaders had already sensed their defeat and lost control over their language.

“Congress leaders have lost control over their tongues. Entire family is targeting Narendra Modi. Congress party’s ego is now clearly visible. Desperation is also visible on their faces. They are doing politics of angst and ego. Congress party chief, Sonia Gandhi, says Narendra Modi must read history but when Narendra Modi tells history, they say that it is an insult,” added Hussain.

Priyanka had said that Modi insulted her father and late Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi, when the BJP leader accused Rajiv of being arrogant, reminding the public how he publicly humiliated former chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, T. Anjaiah, at the airport when he was an office bearer of the party.

Priyanka said people of Amethi will not forgive BJP for its ‘low-level politics’.

Retorting to Priyanka’s comment, BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, Modi, said Congress targeted his humble origins because it couldn’t deal with the truth.

Hussain also criticized Law Minister Kapil Sibal, who had said Modi repeatedly curtailed freedom of press on his home turf.

“Kapil Sibal is a person of zero loss. So, now since the public is not supporting Congress party, he wants to scare the media and get votes. But media is also not different from people they also have the right to vote and understand Kapil Sibal and what he is talking about. Earlier they used to scare Muslims now that the Muslims are not scared he is scaring the media,” Hussain said.

Sibal cited charges of sedition by Gujarat government against various publications over course of time and accused Modi of curtailing the freedom of expression on his home turf. (ANI)