SC dismisses petition seeking SIT probe Sahara and Birla scam against politicians, including PM Modi

NEW DELHI(IE): The Supreme Court on Wednesday dismissed the petition filed by an NGO seeking probe into the IT raids on Sahara and Birla in which names of certain politicians came up. The apex court, while dismissing the plea, said there was no conclusive evidence in it.

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‘Common Cause’, an NGO, had filed a fresh affidavit in the Supreme Court seeking a court- monitored SIT investigation into the raids on two business houses in 2013-14 after which bribery allegations were made against politicians, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The verdict could be seen as a big setback for Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi and AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal who have recently, in reference to those IT raids, attacked Modi and accused him of being involved in corrupt practices.
‘Common Cause’, which has repeatedly been asked by the court to come up with credible material in support of its bribery allegations, had last week filed several documents, including some e-mails, as annexures to its affidavit.
It claimed that the fresh material pertained to CBI raid on Aditya-Birla Group office and the Income Tax raid on the premises of Sahara group and subsequent investigations.
A bench headed by by Justice Khehar had last month questioned the NGO and its lawyer Prashant Bhushan whether aspersions could be cast against the prime minister without placing “sufficient”, “firm” and “clear” materials.
It had also said that the PIL was based on “zero material” and was only making “insinuations” and asked Bhushan to come out with credible material for the court to consider.

One Response to SC dismisses petition seeking SIT probe Sahara and Birla scam against politicians, including PM Modi

  1. People cribbing about the SC dismissing the Sahara Birla papers as “Inadmissable Evidence” just dont get it, do they??

    Unless those papers are formally signed by the people, whose names appear on those papers, with a clear cut “Yes, I have recieved the money, Thank You Very Much” written in the Remarks column, timestamped and then notarised, it does not become an authentic document worth any sort of investigation.

    Furthermore, the signatures have to be verified with Government Approved Laboratories and only then they become “Admissible Evidence”

    Samajhta nahi baat ko, chale aata hain raat ko….Uff.

    Disclaimer: Entire Certificates from Nagpur/Gujarat Approved Laboratories are also admissible.