Revenue Growth In Odisha Decreases To 4.23% During April-December

Revenue Growth

Revenue Growth In Odisha Decreases To 4.23% During April-December

Odisha, February 21, Abhijit Saha: The growth in tax and non-tax revenue collection in Odisha has slowed down to 4.23% during the April-December of current fiscal. During the same period of the previous fiscal a rise of 21.28% was posted.

Collection of revenues like taxes on motor vehicle, land revenue and mining revenue moderately decreased during this period.

Taxes on motor vehicle fell from Rs. 516.82 Crore to Rs. 459.38 Crore which is a fall of 11.11%, land revenue slumped 12.57% to Rs. 228.68 Crore from Rs. 261.57 Crore. Mining revenue which is the biggest contributor to state’s non tax pool also fell 5.18% to Rs. 3,909.57 Crore from Rs. 4,123 Crore.

The collective collection from tax and non tax revenue in this period amounts to Rs. 15,511 Crore as compared to Rs. 16,167 Crore during the same period of last fiscal which is a fall of 4.23%.

The state’s own tax revenue increased from Rs 9,728.65 Crore to Rs 10,778.75 Crore in the period which is a growth of 12.14%. Stamps & registration, sales tax and state excise rose by 12.78%, 11.68% and 18.31% respectively.

The state’s own tax and non-tax revenue has been fixed at 12% rise for FY 2014-15 from Rs 24,580 Crore in 2013-14 to Rs 27,512.65 Crore for 2014-15.