Top 4 Politicians who married at old age

On Wednesday, Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh has accepted his relationship with a TV journalist Amrita Rai. In a series of tweets both Singh and Rai maintained that they are looking forward for marriage. Here are few Politicians who married at old age.

Politicians who married at old age


1. NTR – Laxmi Parvathi

NTR - Laxmi Parvathi

In 1993, at the age of 70 NTR married Telugu writer Lakshmi Parvathi, it is said that the move has shocked friends, family and fans of NTR.

2. ND Tiwari – Ujjawala Sharma

ND Tiwari - Ujjawala Sharma

Though both have not married to each other but had a son from duo. Recently, the court has pronounced its judgement to accept Rohit Shekhar as his biological son.

3. Shashi Tharoor – Sunanda Pushkar

Shashi Tharoor - Sunanda Pushkar

Union Misinister Shashi Tharoor had a tumultuous love affiar with business woman Sunanda Pushkar which cost him his ministerial berth. They were married in 2010 but the marriage was short lived as Pushkar was found dead in a Delhi’s hotel.

4. Chand – Fiza

Chand - Fiza

Chander Mohan married to Assistant Advocate Anuradha Balli in 2008. Mohan was already married and had to convert his religion to Islam. However, his marriage was also short lived.