Leah Messer: Partying in Miami Following Parenting Criticism

If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, you’re probably aware that Leah Messer has been having a tough time in recent years.

Leah seemed to hit rock bottom when her divorce from Jeremy Calvert exacerbated her substance abuse issues, a situation made worse by the fact that the drama played out in front of MTV cameras.

Eventually, Leah lost custody of her twins to her first husband, Corey Simms, a development she would probably describe as her rock bottom.

Leah Messer Promotional Image

Fortunately, Leah was able to bounce back.

She regained partial custody of her kids, bought a house in her native West Virginia, and seemed raring to go for another season of the reality series that made her famous.

Unfortunately, fans seem to have made up their mind about Leah’s fitness as a parent, and at this point, no matter what she does, she’s certain to face criticism.

Leah has been criticized for her parenting rather harshly in recent weeks, with many of the complaints coming from a scene in which she seemed to suffer a panic attack that upset her children.

You can check out that scene in the clip below:

Perhaps viewers are unaware that reality shows typically film several months before they air, or maybe TM2 viewers simply believe that all moms should dedicate every moment of their life to hovering over their children.

Whatever the case, Leah is getting slammed once again this week, this time for daring to take a vacation in Miami without her daughters.

It seems that Leah’s kids are with their respective dads, but even so, fans were quick to shame the 24-year-old when she began posting vacation photos on Instagram.

Leah Messer in Miami

Fans on social media have criticized everything from Leah’s weight loss to the fact that she took a trip without her kids.

Fortunately, she’s also received a good deal of support.

“You are definitely the strongest mom on both shows!! Having a disabled child is emotionally and physically draining plus your other 2. I have 3 as well and my youngest is disabled. Keep up the good work,” commented one fan.

“It’s your comeback year and you look great and radiate happiness! Everyone falls once in a while even the queen,” wrote another.

Leah has yet to respond, but after the year she’s had, we’re sure she appreciates the support.