New political party coming From Deepa Jayakumar in Tamil Nadu, AIADMK in shock?

Chennai: Jayalalithaa’s niece Deepa Jayakumar is now a big discussion in Tamil Nadu as she is becoming big threat to Sasikala Natarajan and AIADMK Leaders in the state. Deepa Jayakaumar reported to the close sources of AIADMK ministers that she is good to go to dispatch another Political Party in the state of Tamil Nadu and will ascertain the MGR legacy this way.

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January seventeenth is the prime festival birthday of AIADMK Founder MGR where she is going to open the party probably at that time. Great number of group gathering before Deepa Jayakumar’s home each day.

Jayalalitha did not gave any chance to family of MGR after his demise and she ruled the party until her death now Deepa is relative of Amma and AIADMK legacy since she is a relative of Amma.