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Special Report: 11th no. Jalandhar Lok Sabha Constituency, Punjab

Jalandhar, February 21, Sandipan Sharma: In this special report of  Lok Sabha Constituency today we will give a brief look on Jalandhar Constituency of  Punjab, which is situated in North India.


The Jalandhar Constituency is consists of  9 Legislative Assembly Constituency (LAC). They are as follows:

1. Phillaur

2. Nakodar

3. Shahkot

4. Kartarpur

5. Jalandhar West

6. Jalandhar Central

7. Jalandhar North

8. Jalandhar Cantonment

9. Adampur

Holy Places In Jalandhar

jalandhar 2

There are total no of 14 MP’s were selected from this Constituency till today and most no of Indian National Congress Candidate.

Session  1951 (Amar Nath)

In 1951the first edition of  Lok  Sabha election was conducted. In Jalandhar Constituency Late Amar Nath was elected as the first MP. He was battling Lok Sabha election from this constituency as a candidate of  Indian National Congress (INC). There were total  199468  no of votes valid (55.52% of Total Electors). As a winner Amar Nath  got total 100103 votes. Ajit Singh from Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) was runner up , he got a total no of 65645 votes. The margin of votes was 34458  which was 17.27%of Total Valid Votes .

Session 1957 (Swaran Singh and Sadhu Ram):

In the 2nd Lok Sabha election session there were two MP selected as it two no of seats are available. Date of  polling was 24th Feb 1957. Swaran singh from Indian National Congress(INC) and Sadhu Ram (INC) (SC) got 255545 and 237093 votes respectively. The valid votes were 1009778 (59.19% of Total Electors).

Session 1962 (Swaran Singh):

In the 3rd edition of  Lok Sabha election last time winner Swaran Singh was  again elected as a 3rd MP for the Jalandhar Constituency. In this seesion the polling was held on 19th Feb 1962. As a candidate of  Indian National Congress (INC) he got 150474 no of votes and became winner while Kartar Singh from Swatantra (SWA) was the runner up and he got 81393 votes. Votes margin was 69081 , which was 23.66% of total Valid Votes .

Session 1967 (Swaran Singh):

This 4th edition of Lok Sabha election was held on 15th Feb 1967. Candidate from Indian National Congress (INC) Swaran Singh got 122923 votes and become winner for the 3rd time at a stretch. while his rival S.P. Singh , candidate from from Swatantra (SWA) got 91443votes. The winning margin was 31480 ( 10.03% of  total Valid Votes ).There was total 460109 no of elector. From which 331910no of votes were polled in which 18120votes was declared as rejected.

Session 1971 (Swaran Singh):

In this session of  Lok Sabha election there was 9 no. of  total candidate from this  Jalandhar Constituency. The polling was held on 3rd May 1971. There was total 509737 no of elector. From which 323374 no of votes were polled in which 6016 votes was declared as rejected which was 1.86% of Total Votes Polled. Swaran Singh  from Indian National Congress (INC) was elected again as a 5th MP from the Jalandhar Constituency. He defeated Iqbal Singh Dhillon of (SAD Swaran Singh  got 170164 votes While his rival Iqbal Singh Dhillon got 76695 votes. The margin of votes was 93469 ( 29.45% of Total Valid Votes ).

Session 1977 (Iqbal Singh Dhillon):

For the first time of Iqbal Singh Dhillon was selected as a MP for Jalandhar Constituency from Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD).This time from this Constituency nine candidate was battling for election. In this session the battle was between Iqbal Singh Dhillon (SAD) and Swaran Singh (INC). When the final results declared Iqbal Singh Dhillon (SAD) got 261558 votes while Swaran Singh (INC ) got 143450 votes. Iqbal Singh Dhillon won with a margin of 118108 votes.

Session 1985 (Rajinder Singh Sparrow):

This 8th Lok Sabha election was held on 25th Sep 1985.There were total 872 no of polling stations. There are total 489049 no of valid votes. Rajinder Singh Sparrow, who was Indian National Congress  (INC) candidate got 248276 votes and he defeated Pritam Singh  candidate from Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) who got 178633 votes. Rajinder Singh Sparrow  won by a margin 69643 (14.24% of Total Valid Votes ).

Session 1989 (I.K.Gujral):

i.k. gujral

As a 8th MP of Jalandhar Constituency I.K.Gujral candidate of JD was elected as a winner . He got a total 262032 votes while his rival Rajinder Singh, candidate of  Indian National Congress(INC)  got 181674votes. There were total no of 1045 polling stations. 897 was the average no of electors per polling stations.

Session 1992 (Yash):

After skipping the 1991 year Lok Sabha election ,Yash, as a 9th MP from Jalandahr Constituency was selected. He was representing for Indian National Congress(INC)  .While his main rival was Jugal Mahajan from BJP got only 46355 votes while Yash managed to get 160168 votes. The votes margin was 113813 (39.43%of Total Valid Votes ) . There was total 10 no of candidate for MP election in this session.

Session 1996 (Darbara Singh):

Darbara Singh (SAD ) was the winner of this session 1996. There were total 22 no of contestant from the constituency. The polling for election was held on 27th  Apr 1996. Darbara Singh (SAD ) got 276897 votes and Umrao Singh from INC 258342. The winning margin of vote was 18555 (3.01% of Total Valid Votes ).

Session 1998 (Inder Kumar Gujral):

Inder Kumar Gujral from JD was the winner of this 12th  edition of Lok Sabha election. As a winner Inder Kumar Gujral  got 380785 votes while his rival Umrao Singh (INC)  got 249769 votes. In this session there was nine contestant from this Jalandhar Constituency.

Session 1999 (Balbir Singh):

In this seesion of Lok Sabha election from Jalandhar Constituency Balbir Singh (INC)  was the winner and appointed as a 12th MP of this Constituency. As A winner Balbir Singh got total 267209 votes, while his opponent Prabhjot Kaur of SAD got 232643 votes.

Session 2004 (Rana Gurjit Singh)

In this Rana Gurjit Singh candidate of INC was winner. He elected as a 13th MP from this Constituency  He defeated Naresh Gujral candidate of SAD. Rana Gurjit Singh got 344617 votes.

Session 2009 (Mohinder Singh Kaypee)

Mohinder Singh Kaypee

For the 15th Lok Sabha Election Mr. Mohinder Singh Kaypee was the winner. He is current  MP of Jalanhar Constituency. He was a candidate of INC as a winner he got 408103 votes while as runner up Hans Raj Hans got 371658 votes. The margin was 36445 votes. There was total 15 no of candidate from this The polling was held on 13th May 2009.

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