Special Report: 6th no. Barpeta Lok Sabha Constituency, Assam

Barpeta (Assam), February 21, Sandipan Sharma: As the Lok Sabha election 2014 is ticking very fast, this report is prepared to know  some details of 6th no. Barpeta Constituency. This Constituency is situated in the city of Barpeta  district, state of Assam.

Special Report: 6th no. Barpeta Lok Sabha Constituency, Assam

The Barpeta Constituency is consists of 10 Legislative Assembly Constituency (LAC). They are as follows:

1. Bongaigaon

2. Abhayapuri North

3. Abhayapuri South ( reserved for SC)

4. Barpeta

5. Patacharkuchi

6. Jania

7. Baghbar

8. Sarukhetri

9. Chenga

10. Dharmapur

There are 11 MP’s selected from this Constituency till date. In the year 1951 the first  MP of this  Barpeta Constituency was selected  and the candidate was Beli Ram Das who was representing Indian National Congress (INC).

DC office of Barpeta

dc office barpeta
Session  1951 (Beli Ram Das ):

In 1951 Lok  Sabha election was conducted for the first time in our country. In this Constituency very first session of  Lok Sabha election was also conducted in 1951. In Barpeta  Constituency Late Beli Ram Das was elected as the first MP. He was battling Lok Sabha election from this constituency as a candidate of  Indian National Congress (INC). There were total  176868 no of votes valid (53.15% of Total Electors). As a winner Beli Ram Das got total 76293 votes. Bipin Pal Das from Socialist Party (SP)was runner up , he got a total no of 63950 votes. The margin was 12343  which was 6.98% of Total Valid Votes .

Session 1962 (Renuka Devi Barkataki):

After skipping the 2nd Lok Sabha election the 3rd election was held on 19th Feb 1962 at this Barpeta Constituency. 232351 no of electors voted on this occasion but only 221598 votes were valid . 10753( 4.63% of total votes ) were  rejected by election commission of  India. Renuka Devi Barkataki candidate of Indian National Congress(INC) was winner this time. She got total 86691 votes while her opponent candidate from PSP, Bishwa Goswami got only 64100 votes.

Session 1967 (Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed):

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed

In 1967 Lok Sabha election Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed was elected from Barpeta Constituency as a third MP. He was from Indian National Congress (INC) party. He got 173240 no of votes while P.L.Chaudhury from Bharatiya Jana Sang (BJS) was the runner up and he got 114920 votes. The winning of votes margin was 58320 ( 20.24% of Total Valid Votes )

Session 1971 (Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed):

At this 5th Lok Sabha election there was a total no of  3 contestant, but this time also Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed  won as a MP for the Barpeta Constituency.  He was an Indian National Congress(INC) candidate. As a clear winner he got a total no of 210662 votes while his rival Khanindra Chandra Barua (BJS) just managed to get only 74542 votes. The winning margin was very huge i.e. 136120 ( 47.00% of Total Valid Votes ).

Session 1977 (Ismail Hossain Khan):

In this 6th session of Lok Sabha election Ismail Hossain Khan from Indian National Congress (INC) was elected as a MP from the Barpeta constituency. He defeated Bishwa Goswami (BLD). In this seesion there were total 615 polling stations. Ismail Hossain Khan got 196832 votes. While Bishwa Goswami got only 148718 votes. Ismail Hossain Khan was the 5th MP from Barpeta Constituency.

Session 1991 (Uddhab Barman):

For the first time of Uddhab Barman was selected as a MP for Barpeta Constituency from Communist Party of  India(Marxist).  He was the 6th MP of this Constituency. In this session there was total 15 no of contestant including 1 female member. There were total 1138 no of polling stations..When the final results comes up Uddhab Barman (CPM) got 206772 votes while Abdul Latif  got 153665 votes.

Session 1996 (Uddhab Barman):

After skipping the 10th Lok Sabha election, 11th Lok Sabha election was held on 25th April 1996. For this session there were total 9 nomination but 1 candidate withdraw his name and 8 peoples were contesting that time. 386402 no of  Male elector voted while  318777 no of votes was coming from Female elector. There was total 28 no of votes were polled by postal. From 705207 votes 23718 were rejected (3.36% of Total Votes Polled). The vote was counted on 8th May 1996. As a winner Uddhab Barman(CPM) got 250451 votes while runner up contender  Abdus Samad Ahmed  United Minorities Front, Assam (UMFA) got 182948. The winning margin was 67503 9.91% of Total Valid Votes.

Session 1998 (A.F. Golam Osmani):

golam osmani

As a 8th MP of Barpeta  Constituency A.F. Golam Osmani candidate of  United Minorities Front, Assam (UMFA) was elected. He got a total 357759 votes while his rival Manjushree Pathak (BJP) got 133297 votes. A.F. Golam Osmani won this time with thumping margin of  224462 36.79% of Total Valid Votes ).This time there were total 6 candidate were contesting for election including one female candidate. There were total 1022555 no of  elector from this Barpeta Constituency.

Session 1999 (A.F. Golam Osmani):

For the 2nd time from Barpeta  Constituency A.F. Golam Osmani was selected as a MP again. He was representing for United Minorities Front, Assam (UMFA) .While his main rival was Ramani Kanta Deka (BJP).Average electors per polling station was 798The total valid votes were 754333. No of polling stations for this constituency was 1282. A.F. Golam Osmani got 325838 votes while Ramani Kanta Deka (BJP).managed to get only 236476 votes. There was total 8 no of candidate for MP election.

Session 2004 (A.F. Golam Osmani):

At a stretch for the 3rd time A.F. Golam Osmani was again elected as a MP from Barpeta Constituency. In this 14th Lok Sabha election A.F. Golam Osmani was a candidate of Indian National Congress (INC). Total valid votes for this seesion was 762681.There were total 9 no of candidate. As a winner A.F. Golam Osmani got 266960 votes.

Session 2009 (Ismail Hussain):

ismail hussain

As a 11th MP or current MP from Barpeta Constituency Ismail Hussain was elected in 15th Lok Sabha Election. There were total 15 no of candidate for nomination but one nomination was rejected. Without any female member total 14 candidate was contesting that time. The polling percentage was 72.70. Election was held on 23rd Apr-2009. As a winner Ismail Hussain (INC) got  322137 votes while his opponent Bhupen Roy (AGP) got 291708 votes.

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  1. This is in brief nice collection. MPs and MLAs in the recent past could not raise the burning issues that are faced by the people of Barpeta. Among many, river erosion is a burning issue as of now. This issue could not be raised and adressed properly neither in the Assembly nor in the Parliament by the elected members.