Innocent Death Valley of BTAD tolls to 120 but officially confirmed 32 in Assam

Salbari, Baska, Assam, 3 may-2014,(Earful Islam, Pintu Saha, Humayun Islam, Khasru Ali Ahmed, Abdul Hamid): Khagbari non K is the village where BODO militants open fired to innocent Muslim residents and killed at least 120 people in last night along with burned down 150 houses of Muslim people but Government official accepts 17 deaths . The total number of killing toll 42 officially in BTAD.

Innocent Death Valley of BTAD tolls to 120 but officially confirmed 32 in Assam

Death Valley of BTAD: Salbari, photo : Earful Islam

Salbari is the same place where shelter camps were burned by the same BODO terrorists in 1993 which resulted 350 deaths of Muslim during Hiteswar Saikia government. Masked terrorists didn’t left the small children as 17  minor death bodies are found Yesterday night and the number is increasing each minutes but rescues official doesn’t disclose the real number. Curfew is imposed but interior places still out of security. The living Muslim people are leaving their homes to safe their lives.

An official in Dispur said that Assam government already issued the order to Shoot-at-sight was ordered in Kokrajhar and Baksa districts, falling under Bodoland Territorial Administration Districts (BTAD) area, which bore the brunt of the violence, while indefinite curfew imposed in Chirang district, also under BTAD, as a precautionary measure, police sources said. Curfew went into force in Baksa district’s Salbari subdivision and pockets of Mushalpur and Tamulpur subdivisions. A group of 40 Bodo terrorists armed with AK-47 rifles, swooped down on Balapara-I village in Kokrajhar district in the early hours of Friday and fired indiscriminately entering three houses one after another killing seven people on the spot, police said. Same thing happened yesterday night in Khagrabari non k village , Baska, BTAD which resulted unlimited deaths of Muslim people as it is said that terrorists lined up people and open fired on them, said  by a victim undergoing treatment in Fakaruddin Ali Ahemed Medical Hospital, Barpeta.

PTI added from New Delhi : Expressing deep anguish and sorrow over the death of people in NDFB(S) militant attacks in two communally-sensitive districts of Assam, Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Friday decried the role Bodo militant groups. Condoling the death of victims in the attacks in two communally-sensitive districts of Kokrajhar and Baksa of Assam, Gandhi said, “the inherent plurality of India will never let divisive and violent forces succeed.” – PTI

Later on Friday, 32 bullet-riddled bodies, including five women and a child, were recovered from Nankekhadrabari and Nayanguri villages in Baksa district, police officials said. At least 150 houses of the Nuslim minority community were torched on the banks of Beki river near the Manas National Park in the district, IGP (Lawa and Order) S N Singh said.

Friday’s attack followed the one by the militants last night when three members of a family, including two women, were shot dead and an infant seriously injured in neighbouring Baksa district last night. The Bodo terrorists carried out the crime after entering the house near Ananda Bazar area in Baksa district also within BTAD, the police said. The army’s help has been sought to deal with the situation and troops were staging flag marches to instil confidence among the locals in the violence-affected places and to bring the situation under control, the Chief Minister’s office (CMO) said in a statement.

All Assam minorities students union (AAMSU)  is going to burn effigies of Tarun Gogoi and Hugrama Mahilary on 11.30 AM in protest of this innocent killing. In  a statement Azizur Rahman , Genral Secratery AAMSU said, ” Once again we appeal, People from all section should raise their voices to stop such brutal killings of innocent people”

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    government could not control the attacked of bodo terrorist, so for balance attacked government should give arms available in the hand of that innocent people.

  2. Dr.Taiyab Barbhuyan

    After creation of BTAD all the non-boros are live in fear especially Muslims are badly affected.Always one or two accident reported against Muslims but govt does not take any action against Boro extremist due to congress coalition of rulling Boro progressive Front.More then thousand illegal automatic weapon openly taking by terrorist but govt never halt them.It is only govt failure now if govt doenot take any step against terrorist the situation worsens and spread to globe.