Priyanka says 'dirty' books circulating about her and her family

New Delhi, May 3, BS Reporter: Meanwhile, Modi asks DD why his interview was edited, a charge that has been denied

Priyanka says ‘dirty’ books circulating about her and her family

Priyanka Gandhi attacks Modi, asks him to

Campaigning for her brother and Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi in Amethi, Priyanka Gandhi alleged that ‘dirty’ books with baseless material written about her family were being dumped a night before at places where her public meetings were scheduled.

It is not clear what she was referring to, as there has been no discovery of such books or any complaints made by anyone.

Holding that the level of election campaign in the country has stooped down to a very low level, she said, “Politics is seen as being inspired by a sense of service, but some leaders in the country do not view it like that.”

However, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi’s politics was not that of demanding or a sense of entitlement, but was imbued with the sense of service, she said. “He wants to give you strength. He also wants to give you power. There is a leader in the country, who wants power for himself. He keeps on demanding to that these demand strengthen him…,” she said, targeting Modi.

“My father was a visionary political thinker and Rahul has learned from him. The parameters and strategy of Amethi’s development was prepared by Rajiv Gandhi 35 years ago, this is the reason barren land is not visible here,” she said.

“The eclipse of Rahul Gandhi as the de facto prime ministerial candidate of Congress is virtually complete. When he was not seen as being able to deliver, the mother stepped in. The focus has now shifted to the sister,” said Arun Jaitley, BJP’s candidate from Amritsar.

Meanwhile, Prasar Bharati CEO J Sircar has written to the Prasar Bharti board that the Doordarshan interview with Narendra Modi, where is is said to have referred to Priyanka Gandhi as being ‘like my daughter’ was not censored.. The BJP alleged that Doordarshan censored a part of the interview under pressure from the government. Prasar Bharati is an autonomous broadcaster and runs Doordarshan.

BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad today said the Gujarat Chief Minister had never said that Priyanka Gandhi was like his daughter and the interview aired on the public broadcaster was deliberately “distorted”.

“A probe must be ordered to find out under whose pressure the contents of the interview were edited,” he said while addressing a press conference in Varanasi.

“For nearly last 10 years Doordarshan has boycotted Modi in Gujarat. We are extremely hurt that the contents of the interview were deliberately distorted.

“When Modi had never said that Priyanka was his daughter, how has this appeared in newspapers. Modi only said it is natural for a daughter to defend her mother and brother. This should be probed under whose pressure the interview was deliberately distorted,” Prasad said.