Facebook acquires popular messaging app WhatsApp for $19 billion


 facebook buys whatsapp

New York, February 20, Sandeep Rajput: Popular social networking site Facebook has by far gone through the biggest deal. Social networking websites are going to be held strong. Facebook has announced that they are going to buy popular messaging service WhatsApp. These will be a 19$ billion deal. The deal will be in cash and stock. Of this amount, 3$ billion will be in RSUs for employee retention. This is one of the largest acquisitions of Facebook till date .

About 45 million people are using WhatsApp. WhatsApp claims that 10 million people are added every month. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said that WhatsApp is a valuable app. However, despite the purchase WhatsApp is quite apart from Facebook, the app will continue to function.

WhatsApp, after it had become more popular than Facebook, and become a major challenge for the site. Before purchasing WhatsApp, Facebook bought Instagram with a cost of billion dollars in 2012.