Oversee self is administration mantra, IIM Shillong's first Khasi former student regrets absence of honing foundations in city

Shillong, May 1, Sandipan Sarma: His message to wannabe administration masters is basic: If you are yearning to turn into a future director, begin promptly by dealing with the most critical individual — yourself.

Oversee self is administration mantra, IIM Shillong’s first Khasi former student regrets absence of honing foundations in city


That is the message Jeremy Simon Nongrum, the first Khasi to move on from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Shillong, might want to pass on.

A B.Tech (software engineering) from the National Institute of Technology (NIT), Tiruchirappalli, the delicate spoken MBA, who graduated not long ago from IIM Shillong, has been put with Powergrid Corporation of India, the focal transmission utility (CTU) of the nation under the Union force service.

Nongrum, 23, who entered IIM Shillong in 2012 without any past work experience, told The Telegraph that the beginning days were troublesome for him. However he slowly picked up trust by expanding his ring of connection. “The more you chat with other individuals, the more it helps,” he said.

On the rage for seats in IIM’s and IIT’s, Nongrum was of the assessment that these world class establishments are much looked for after. “I accept the fever is still there. I have companions who need to get into Iims, and they are looking for tips on the best way to get ready for CAT (normal fitness test). A stage is obliged where the individuals who have moved on from such establishments can impart to the youthful hopefuls the points of interest or inconveniences (of IIMs),” Nongrum said.

While there may be numerous youngsters who show up for CAT, he bemoaned that there are not an excess of instructing establishments in the city to prepare the wannabes.

“There is one thing that all CAT hopefuls should dependably remember — never lose trust. The execution of any hopeful is dictated by how well he/she tolls, as well as by how well whatever remains of the hopefuls taking the examination admission,” he brought up.