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News Portal TCN asks 15 Open Questions to Narendra Modi

New Delhi, 30 April-2014(TCN): Pro Dalit and pro Minority news portal Twocircles.net has recently published a set of questions on their portal to Saffron PM in waiting Narendra Modi. BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi has opened up for interviews and he is being interviewed by number of TV channels these days.

News Portal TCN asks 15 Open Questions to Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi

We are releasing these questions in public domain and now wait for Narendra Modi’s answers as we are sure these will reach to him via his IT cell.

1. When you become PM, what specific steps you shall take to lift the educational, economical and social status of dalits in the country? (BJP manifesto offers no specific steps).

2. Do you have any specific plan to raise the living standards of the tribals living in North-East of the country?

3. In one of your video message you have said that secularism is in the vein of India, can you explain why affirmative action for Muslims is not part of your idea of secularism?

4. Will your idea of secularism allow Ministry of Minority Affairs to continue?

Narendra Modi

5. After coming to power, would you continue the minority scholarships under PM 15 points schemes which were introduced by UPA during their governance?

6. In your manifesto you have said that NDA shall work towards modernization of Madarsas in India. You are ruling Gujarat since last 12 years; could you please elaborate what steps you have taken in Gujarat since last 12 years towards development of Madarsas there?

7. Your comment on Jains being considered a minority by Government of India?

8. Tell us one of the best steps you had taken when Gujarat was burning for 3 days in 2002 that may be restricting your heart from apologizing for hundreds of innocent deaths?

9. Why do you reject Sachar committees’ recommendations?

10. Do you see China as a friend or an enemy?

11. How is your economic policy be different than Congress and yet maintain a higher rate of growth?

12. You talk about development but what steps are you going to take to stop the corruption of the corporations that is leading to pollution, human rights violations, and looting of public resources?

13. If NDA forms the government then what will be its legislative agenda? Would you push bills that make take away individual choice of religion (anti-conversion bill) or food (anti-beef bill)?

14. When you come to the power then what special messages to maintain communal harmony would you wish to give radical supporters of yours belonging to Bajrang Dal and VHP?

15. If Col. Purohit or any other Hindu accused of involvement in causing bomb blast at Malegaon, Mecca Masjid, Samjhauta express and Ajmer Dargah were awarded death penalty by the court of law then would your party dare to hang them the way UPA hanged Afzal Guru?

Editors Note: This set of questions are collected from TCN news portal.