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Bollywood Celebrities Cheating: Dilip Kumar to Aamir Khan including Big B

Truth Behind The Unfortunate Love Story Of Amitabh And Rekha

It was alleged that Aamir Khan and Barkha Dutt shared more than just “friendship”. When a reporter asked about their growing bond, Barkha denied all allegations and was put off by the journalist to have dared to ask such a question.

Aamir Khan With Barkha Dutt And Reena

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Dilip Kumar in the 80’s was rocked by the biggest scandal of his life; an extra marital affair. Despite being married to Saira Banu in 1966, who was 22 years younger to him, Dilip Kumar had an affair with a Pakistani model, Asma who he met at a cricket match. Asma was already married with three children, yet the two married. Dilip married her without telling Saira Banu. Things got really bad for Saira, who loved Dilip endlessly. Kumar too started hiding his face from the public and he began to get himself locked inside the house. Rarely did he step outside the abode. He preferred making his stay more at home to any other activity outside. He divorced Asma 2 years later to amend and restore the sanctity of his marriage to Saira. 

Dilip Kumar cheated on Saira Banu

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Mohammad Azharuddin left his wife of 9 years, Naureen, with whom he had two children to marry former Miss India Sangeeta Bijlani. Bijlani and Azharuddin were married for 14 years before reports of his alleged proximity with badminton player Jwala Gutta came on the forefront. This pushed the two to get separated and soon after, divorced.

Mohammad Azharuddin cheated on Sangeeta Bijlani

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This young lad made headlines when his co-star and ex girlfriend Roopal Tyagi from Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke said that she will slap him if he tries to talk to her. Roopal not only exposed Ankit’s truth that he was two timing her with another actress Adaa Khan, but also warned him to stay away from her. Isn’t it a perfect daily soap script? 

Ankit Gera exposed while he cheated on Roopal Tyagi

It is alleged that their affair first came in to the news when Rajeev Mulchandani cheated on her with the actress Manisha Koirala. However, it is also said that Aishwarya left Rajeev as soon as she shot to fame in Bollywood and was getting close to her then beau Salman Khan. 

Aishwarya Rai allegedly cheated on Rajeeb Mulchandani

Kareena Kapoor Khan has been involved with quite a lot of actors. Starting from Hrithik Roshan to Fardeen Khan to Shahid Kapoor and finally to Saif Ali Khan. Kareena was said to have fallen for Saif Ali Khan when they were shooting for their movie Tashan. The increased closeness between the two made Shahid insecure about their relationship and hence the two chose to part ways as per the rumour mills.

Kareena Kapoor Khan allegedly cheated on Shahid Kapoor

The TV heartthrob, who shared an amazing chemistry with his ex-girlfriend Anita Hassanandani on and off-screen was also blamed for allegedly cheating on his girlfriend. The reason behind their break-up was reported to be his closeness to Canadian singer Natalie Di Luccio. 

Eijaz Khan allegedly cheated on Anita Hassanandani

Ranbir Kapoor has in fact gone on records saying that he has cheated on Deepika Padukone with Katrina Kaif. His confessions were quite shocking for he came out in the open about the same. Sparks started flying between Ranbir and Katrina when they were shooting for ‘Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani’, and that was the time when Deepika and Ranbir were a hot thing. Resulting in depression, Deepika Padukone took a lot of time to come back out of this trauma.

Ranbir Kapoor cheated on Deepika Padukone

Jacqueline dated the Prince of Bahrain, Hassan Bin Rashid Al Khalifa (*fingers hurting*) before she came to Bollywood, and it ended soon after rumors linking her with Sajid Khan started surfacing. From the ‘Prince of Bahrain’ to the ‘King of Stupid Movies,’ you have surely moved up in life, Jacqueline! 

Jacqueline Fernandez allegedly cheated on Hassan Bin Rashid Al Khalifa

Married twice to two beautiful women, Kamal Haasan cheated on his first wife Vani Ganapathy with Sarika. After living in together for a long time, Sarika and Kamal got married only after their second child was born. However, problems resurfaced and they filed for divorce in 2002. The reason for their divorce was pointed to Haasan’s relationship with his much-younger co-star Simran Bagga. Kamal Haasan is now in a live-in relationship with former actress Gouthami Tadimalla with whom he has worked many time during his early career.

Kamal Haasan cheated on Vani Ganapathy

This came as a true shocker when the Bollywood industry got to hear the news of Malaika Arora cheating on ex-husband Arbaaz Khan with actor Arjun Kapoor. Arjun was in fact dating Salman’s sister Arpita at that time. Even though the rumours were brushed off, but it is alleged that they used to even secretly meet up.

Malaika Arora allegedly cheated on Arbaaz Khan

A married man and father of two children, actor Govinda met Bong beauty Rani Mukerji during the shooting of Hadh Kardi Apne. A string of films followed and the pair became inseparable – both in reel as well as real life. With both the actors growing close to each other, wife Sunita allegedly left home with the children. News also came in of Govinda wishing to marry Rani, but due to his wife and children, the couple split.

Govinda allegedly cheated on Sunita

Salman Khan is not as Human as he seems and the reports in the media suggests so too. Did you know Salman Khan was all set to marry his first serious girlfriend Sangeeta Bijlani, but last minute things were called off? In fact their wedding cards were all printed for 27th May 1994. According to sources, Salman Khan was abusive with Sangeeta and at one occasion even broke her leg in rage! 

When Salman kissed Sangeeta Bijlani

Amitabh and Rekha’s love story is one of the most talked about affairs of Bollywood even till date. Yet, this much-talked about love story always remained a mystery as both the actors never accepted their relationship in public. While the two themselves have said very little, everyone else seems more than certain about the affair.

Amitabh and Rekha- the two legends of our film industry, how did it all begin and how it ended? Here is unfolding the secret behind this love story.

An unsuccessful love-story of one of the most successful romantic pairs of Bollywood.

Their love story began on the sets of film Do Anjaane (1976). During the initial days of their relationship, the couple used to meet in a bungalow that belonged to Rekha’s friend. Everything was a smooth sail until an incident happened.During the shoots of Ganga Ki Saugandh (1978), Big B reportedly lost his temper on a co-actor who was misbehaving with Rekha. After this, their affair came in the limelight and grabbed the media attention.The gossip mills started churning out stories of Rekha-Amitabh’s affair. They even made headlines saying that Rekha and Amitabh have got secretly married. And, these speculations caught more fire when Rekha turned up at Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh’s wedding wearing sindoor and mangalsutra. Many questions about this jodi’s affair were answered with this bold step taken by Rekha.It was reported that after this incident, Jaya Bachchan, invited Rekha home for dinner and told her candidly that she would never leave her husband whatever may happen. And likewise, Jaya kept her promise till the very end.

In an interview given to Filmfare magazine in 1984, Rekha spoke about Amitabh’s denial of their relationship.

She said,

“Why should he have not done it? He did it to protect his image, his family, his children. Why should the public know of my love for him or his love for me? I love him and he loves me- that’s it! If he’d reacted that ways towards me in private, I would have been very disappointed.”

She further added, 

“Mr. Bachchan is still old-fashioned. He doesn’t want to hurt anybody so why hurt his wife?”

Amitabh Bachchan despite the superfluous love for Rekha, never admitted it in public. On the other hand, Rekha boldly admitted her love for him. Silsila was this enigmatic couple’s last film together.

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  1. You may have seen your favorite Bollywood stars act their part as the hero who falls in love with “ONE” girl and spends his lifetime with her. But, the reality is that monogamy is not easy to maintain in Bollywood. Take a look at these Bollywood celebrities who cheated on their spouses.

    1. Aamir Khan

    aamir khan

    An early marriage to Reena supposedly broke many hearts right after Aamir Khan’s first film Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak hit the theatres! But the couple’s 15-year marriage came to an end when rumours of his alleged affair with assistant director Kiran Rao made news during the shooting of Lagaan. The actor was also in the news for having a love-child named Jaan with British journalist Jessica Hines!

    2. Raj Kundra

    raj kundra

    UK businessman Raj Kundra was previously married to Kavita, his wife of three years. But sparks flew when he met the gorgeous Shilpa Shetty after her win in the TV show Big Brother. Kavita accused Shetty for breaking their marriage and also went on to file a complaint against both of them!

    3. Raj Babbar

    raj babbar

    Raj Babbar was married to Nadira when he met Smita Patil and both fell in love with each other. Raj Babbar divorced his wife and married the superstar actress Smita Patil. Later Smita Patel died of postpartum complications while giving birth to son Pratiek. After that his first wife accepted Raj Babbar again in her life.

    4. Saif Ali Khan


    Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh parted ways after a 13-year marriage. The reason was Saif’s alleged link-ups with several actresses in the industry. However it was Rosa Catalano, his Italian girlfriend who caught the fancy of the young Nawab; the two dated for a couple of years till he broke up with her for Kareena Kapoor. The actor is now married to the Bollywood diva, Kareena Kapoor.

    5. Dharmendra


    He was happily married to Prakash Kaur with two children, Sunny and Bobby. But it was Hema Malini in which he found his dream girl. Their love story began on the sets of Tum Haseen Main Jawan, and it was five years after their blazing chemistry in Sholay, that the two decided to tie the knot in 1980. Both of them converted to Islam, as Dharmendra’s first wife was not ready to divorce him.

    6. Kamal Hassan

    kamla hassan

    Superstar Kamal Hassan was married to Vani Ganpathy when he met Sarika and the two started affair. He divorced his first wife to marry Sarika. Later on he fell in love with actress Simran Bagga and Sarika filed for divorce.

    7. Amitabh Bachchan


    Once lovers, Big B and Rekha do not even acknowledge each other today. But, we know there was definitely some silsila going on between the two. His affair behind wife Jaya’s back was known to all. In fact, the movie Silsila is said to be an on-screen depiction of the real-life love triangle of Amitabh, Jaya and Rekha. Fortunately, his marriage with Jaya survived.

    8. Aditya Chopra

    aditya chopra

    Aditya married his college sweetheart, Payal Khanna in 2001 and filed for divorce in 2008. After keeping his relationship with Rani under the wraps for so many years, the couple finally came out and according to sources, Rani and Aditya had a private wedding.

    9. Boney Kapoor


    Boney’s wife Mona Kapoor gave struggling actress Sridevi a place in her house to stay. Little did she know about the brewing romance between hubby Boney and Sridevi. Their affair became public when Sridevi got pregnant. Soon, Boney filed for divorce and married Sridevi. The couple are married since 16 years and have 2 daughters together.

    10. Anurag Kashyap


    Anurag was married to Aarti Bajaj however, his romance with Kalki Koechlin took a turn. Anurag got divorced to marry Kalki. Now the couple have separated ways.

    11. Javed Akhtar

    javed akhtar

    Javed Akhtar was married to Honey Irani with two kids, Farhan and Zoya. He fell in love with Shabana Azmi