Kate Middleton: Is She the LAZIEST Royal Ever?!

Kate Middleton is unquestionably one of the most beloved and obsessed-over royals in recent history.

But most of the press coverage centering around the Duchess of Cambridge focuses on her style, her charm, and her home life.

Obviously, that’s been the case with most of her predecessors, as well, but there are those who feel that the role of royals in the 21st Century should be to serve as their nation’s most high-profile philanthropists.

Kate Middleton Wearing Yellow

Many also feel that in that respect, Kate simply isn’t doing enough.

Is it Kate’s fault that the media chooses to focus so much on her appearance?

Certainly not, and there may be little she can do to change that.

However, some have pointed out that Kate isn’t doing a whole lot to shift the public’s attention to more important matters.

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The royals are intensely scrutinized by the British media, as probably should be the case with a group of people whose lavish lifestyle is supported by taxpayers.

As a result, media outlets in the UK compile an annual list of how much actual work (humanitarian campaigns, royal tours and engagements, etc.) each member of the royal family puts in each year.

As 2016 comes to a close, many have expressed astonishment over the fact that, according to the Daily Mail, Kate only worked a total of 63 days.

Kate Middleton Glares at William

For comparison, her husband, Prince William, worked 80 days, while his brother, Prince Harry, worked 86 days.

Princess Anne was once again the busiest royal, putting in 179 days of work.

Prince Charles worked 139 days, the Earl of Wessex worked 118 days and the Duke of York worked 112 days, all of them trouncing Kate by a considerable margin.

Other media outlets chose to report the royal workload in terms of the number of engagements undertaken by the members of the Windsor-Mountbatten clan, but those numbers tell a similar story:

Kate Middleton Prince William Princess Charlotte Prince George Trooping Colour 2016

Kate carried out 115 engagements, while he husband notched 204, and her brother-in-law tallied 166.

Here again, Princess Anne has offered a master class in work ethic, carrying out more than 500 engagements in 2016, despite battling a bad illness in September.

90-year-old Queen Elizabeth undertook 385 engagements, while her husband, Prince Philip, carried out 336.

It’s worth noting, of course, that Kate is a mother of two, and she was on maternity leave for the first months of 2016.

However, it’s also worth pointing out that this is the sixth year in a row that she’s been determined to be the least busy member of the royal family.

There may be a perfectly good reason for why Kate participates in far fewer engagements than the rest of the royals.

But as long as that reason remains a secret, reports like this will likely lead to further rumors about Kate feuding with the Queen and the rest of her in-laws.

One Response to Kate Middleton: Is She the LAZIEST Royal Ever?!

  1. Kimberly C. Borland

    I agree whole heartedly about Kate Middleton’s lack of work and constant what appears to be plain LAZZINESS! Who cares what she wears? I do not agree that it’s the press’s fault that the public is “only interested in her because of her ‘stylish clothing'”, which by the way I for one (and A LOT OF PEOPLE I KNOW) do NOT care what she’s wearing. I believe the reason they say that, is because the only time the public gets to see her, she’s wearing clothing that SOME PEOPLE find attractive. I feel that she’s just looking more and more homely looking. However, back to the point, I don’t see ANYTHING that she’s done that would be considered “work”. Princess Diana was not only far more stylish, talkative, and just plain noticeably beautiful inside and out, but she actually DID WORK. She showed up at so many events and spoke for a hell of a lot more than 15 minutes at a time. You could also easily tell that she truly cared about what she was speaking of, be it her charity work, her children, whatever. Kate simply reads from a small piece of paper and says nothing with any obvious feeling about what she was talking about. I find her embarrassing, and for the life of me, I don’t understand why William allows her to act the way she does. From the very beginning, even though she knew what she was marrying into, she does nothing to support the “royal” part of the family. Instead, she just acts like commoner she is. I don’t blame Queen Elizabeth for not wanting commoners to be allowed into the royal family simply because of that. All she does is make them feel like THEY ARE THE COMMONERS and she is the royalty. All she does is spend time insulting the privilege she married into, spending all of her time breaking whatever rules she wants by shopping constantly, spending time with her extremely needy for social climbing family, and pornographically showing off her body to the point of complete embarrassment. The only thing she’s good at is breaking royal rules and spending money, which is not hers to spend. What kind of a Queen would this lazy, cheap looking girl make? I’m glad I live in the U.S. and we are not forced to have our tax money spent on her flimsy clothing, expensive shoes and doing absolutely NOTHING to repay the public. Sorry William, you are a good man because you had the most wonderful “Royal” mother there has ever been. But how do you feel now that the entire world knows exactly what your wife’s body looks like from top to bottom naked? How do you think your mother feels about that? I know she’s watching over you and wishing that you had chosen someone worthy of you. Just my opinion.