It’s hard to believe that Kourtney Kardashian is now a mother-of-three. It’s even harder to believe she’s still with her baby daddy, The Lord. There’s no denying that the longevity of their relationship probably has something to do with Kourt’s no BS approach. Because, you gotta give it to the woman, she sure isn’t scared of saying what she thinks. Here, we look back at our fave Kourt moments and apply them to real life situations we, real people face day-to-day. Because, as the Instagram meme goes: “If I was a Kardashian, I would not have to deal with this.”

  1. When your colleague starts telling you about her totally f*cked up dream where she saw dolphins dying and then there was a rabbit and it died too and… Shhhh. Please, just shhhh.

    2. When your cousin asks you what you’re doing for New Years’. Dude, it’s June! CHILL.

    3. Mood when you just wanna be by yourself on the bus (and listen to Drake, thx) but you see your work friend on her way over to sit next to you.

    4. When that friend starts crying again.

    5. Like when you realise you’re undoubtedly the only person in your sharehouse buying toilet paper.

    6. To the bus driver who saw you running to make the stop and kept driving anyway.

    7. When you get tagged in a bikini pic looking like a paler version of Dudley Dursley. Nah, it’s cool though!

    8. Soz dad, but you can’t wear socks with sandals. You just can’t.

    9. When your friend won’t stop talking about the douchebag dude she dated.. a year ago.

    10. When your boyfriend thinks he’s being really funny. But really he’s just wasted.

    11. When your friend that’s not really your friend insults you in the most subtle of ways. Thanks for pointing out I have fine hair. I didn’t already know that.

    12. When your friends suggest starting a running club because summer bodies start in winter and “it’ll be SO MUCH FUN!”

    13. Thoughts on your overly active friend on Snapchat.

    14. To the girl in the bar who’s looking you up and down like she’s someone.

    15. The girl on Instagram that keeps liking all your boyfriend’s pics. JUST STOP.

    16. When someone you’re following Facetunes the shiz out of their face. Please, just stop.

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