Special Report: 7th no. Guwahati Lok Sabha Constituency, Assam

Assam, February 19, Sandipan Sharma: As the Lok Sabha elections 2014 is approaching, let’s give a quick look at the 7th no. Guwahati Constituency and its history and present scenario. This Constituency is situated in the city of Kamrup district, state of Assam.

The Guwahati Constituency is consists of 10 Legislative Assembly Constituency (LAC). They are as follows:

  1. Dudhnoi
  2. Boko
  3. Chhaygaon
  4. Palasbari
  5. Jalukbari
  6. Dispur
  7. Guwahati East
  8. Guwahati West
  9. Hajo
  10. Barkhetri

There are total no of 13 MP’s selected from this Constituency till today. In 1951 the first MP was selected from the Guwahati Constituency for the first time and the candidate was Rohini Kumar Chaudhury who was representing Indian National Congress (INC).

 DC office of Guwahati

dc office guwahati

Session 1951 (Rohini Kumar Chaudhury):

In 1951 Lok Sabha election was conducted for the first time in our country. In this very first session of Lok Sabha elections in Guwahati Constituency Late Rohini Kumar Chaudhury was elected as the first MP. He was battling Lok Sabha elections from this constituency as a candidate of Indian National Congress (INC). There were total 202596 no. of votes valid (56.22% of Total Electors). As a winner Rohini Kumar Chaudhury got total 96122 votes. Lakshya Dhar Chaudhury from Socialist Party was runner up, he got a total no of 72553 votes. The margin of votes was 23569 which were 11.63% of total valid votes.

Session 1957 (Hem Barua):

In the 2nd Lok Sabha election session the main battle of MP was between Hem Barua and Devendra Nath Sarma. Candidate from Praja Socialist Party (PSP) Hem Barua won the election battle who was also a famous poet of Assam. As a winner Hem Barua got 143497 no. of votes. Devendra Nath Sarma, candidate of Indian National Congress (INC) was runner up and he got a total 96624 votes. The margin of votes was 46873 (19.52% of total Valid Votes).

Session 1962 (Hem Barua):

In the 3rd edition of Lok Sabha election last time winner Hem Barua was elected as a 3rd MP for the Guwahati Constituency. In this session the polling was held on 19th Feb 1962. As a candidate of Praja Socialist Party (PSP), he got 133812 no of votes and became winner while Tirtha Nath Sarma from Indian National Congress (INC) was the runner up and he got 101750 votes. Votes margin was 32062, which was 11.96% of total Valid Votes. After this Lok Sabha session Hem Barua moved to Mangladai Constituency as became first MP from that Constituency.

Session 1967 (D. Kalita ):

This 4th Lok Sabha election was held on 15th Feb 1967. Candidate from Communist Part of India (CPI) D. Kalita got 90208 votes and become winner. While his rival R.D.Barkakati, candidate of Indian National Congress (INC) got 88658 votes. The winning margin was just 1550 (0.59% of total Valid Votes ).There was total 412702 no of elector. From which 275000 no of votes were polled in which 13661 votes was declared as rejected.

Session 1971 (Dinesh Chandra Goswami):

In this session of  Lok Sabha election there was 6 no of  total candidate from this Constituency. The polling was held on 3rd Jan 1971. There were total 248458 no. of electors. From which 231908 no. of votes were polled in which 10717 votes were declared as rejected which was 4.62% of Total Votes Polled. Dinesh Chandra Goswami from Indian National Congress (INC) was elected as a 5th MP from the Guwahati Constituency. He defeated Dhireswar Kalita of Communist Part of India (CPI). Dinesh Chandra Goswami got 140483 votes while his rival Dhireswar Kalita got 44482 votes. The margin of votes was 96001 (43.40% of Total Valid Votes).

Session 1977 (Renuka Devi Barkataki):

For the first time Renuka Devi Barkataki was selected as a MP for Guwahati Constituency from Bharatiya Lok Dal (BLD ).This time from this Constituency only two candidate was battling for election. In this session the battle was between Renuka Devi Barkataki (BLD) and Dinesh Chandra Goswami (INC). When the final results comes up Renuka Devi Barkataki (INC) got 149255 votes while Dinesh Chandra Goswami (INC) got 112815 votes. Renuka Devi Barkataki won with a margin of 36440 votes.

Session 1985 (Dinesh Goswami):

This 8th Lok Sabha election was held on 16th Dec 1985.There were total 1233 no of polling stations. There are total 702508 no of valid votes. Dinesh Goswami, who was independent (IND) candidate got 428013 votes and he defeated Bhagaban Lahkar candidate from Indian National Congress (INC) got 124507 votes. Dinesh Goswami won by a huge margin of votes. The margin was 303506 (43.20% of Total Valid Votes).

Session 1991(Kirip Chaliha):

kirip chaliha

 As a 8th MP of Guwahati Constituency Kirip Chaliha candidate of Indian National Congress (INC) was elected as a winner. He got a total 169628 votes while his rival Asfaf Ali, candidate of Natun Asom Gana Parishad (NAGP) got 124823 votes.

Session 1996 (Prabin Chandra Sarmah):

As a 9th MP Prabin Chandra Sarmah from Guwahati Constituency was selected. He was representing for Asom Gana Parishad (AGP). His main rival was Mr. Bhubneshwar Kalita (INC). Prabin Chandra Sarmah got 372833 votes while

Mr. Bhubaneshwar Kalita managed to get only 258436 votes. The vote’s margin was 114397 (13.59% of Total Valid Votes). There were total 12 no of candidate for MP election.

Session 1998 (Bhubaneswar Kalita):

Bhubaneswar Kalita

 Last time runner up Mr. Bhubaneswar Kalita (INC) was the winner of this session. There were total 7 no. of contestants. The polling for election was held on 16th Feb 1998. Mr. Bhubaneswar Kalita (INC) got 285482 votes and Manoranjan Goswami from BJP got only 157309. The winning margin of vote was 128173 (22.25% of Total Valid Votes).

Session 1999 (Bijoya Chakravarty):

Bijoya Chakravarty

Bijoya Chakravarty from BJP was the winner of this 13th Lok Sabha election. As a winner she got 384771 votes while her rival Mr. Bhubaneswar Kalita(INC) got 309533 votes. In this session there was 10 contestant including 3 female members.

Session 2004(Kirip Chaliha):

In this session the famous singer of India as well as Assam Dr. Bhupen Hazarika was a contestant. He was a candidate of BJP. But Kirip Chaliha of Indian National Congress (INC) won this time and he got 353250 votes while Dr. Hazarika got 292099 votes.

Session 2009 (Bijoya Chakravarty):

For the 15th Lok Sabha Election Mrs. Bijoya Chakravarty was the winner. She is current MP of Guwahati Constituency. She was candidate of BJP as a winner she got 496047 votes while as runner up Capt. Robin Bordoloi got 484192 votes. The margin was 11855 votes. There were total 12 candidates from this Constituency including 2 female members. The polling was held on 23rd Apr 2009.